World Religons

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World Religons by Mind Map: World Religons

1. Hinduisum

1.1. On of the oldest religons

1.2. Animals and nature are sacrid

1.3. Many different gods and godess

1.4. Cows are sacrid

1.5. They take their shoes off before prayer

1.6. Sanskrit is one of the oldest writing systems

1.7. Vedas is believed to be the oldest writing system

1.8. Sita is a story of a queen captured by a demon king and never gives up hope that her king will save her

1.9. Many different holiday celibrated across the country

1.10. Holi is return of spring

2. Buddhism

2.1. There are about 36,000,000,000 Buddhist in the world

2.2. reincarnation is a big part of Buddhism

2.3. The three jewels dharma Buddha and Sangha

2.4. Shrines in home for prayer

2.5. lotus flower is a symbol of enlightment

2.6. bodhi tree- same tree Buddha sat under

2.7. The Great Enlightenment

2.8. Sudra's were ancient writings

2.9. Four Noble Truths

2.10. Siddhartha meditated for many years then found enlightened

3. Judisum

3.1. Bible

3.2. Ten Commandments

3.3. Trace back 4,000 years ago

3.4. Leaders forced Jews to believe something else

3.5. 6 million Jews died of the holistic

3.6. Worked with Muslums

3.7. Studied the Thora

3.8. Live and act as Gods people

3.9. Cantor like the priest very important

3.10. Thora is a sacred book

3.11. Sabbath day of rest

3.12. Rabbi means teachers

3.13. 3 main branches of Judisum

4. Islam

4.1. Means surrender

4.2. One God Ala

4.3. Muhammad was asked to become a leader

4.4. The profit who also was a warior

4.5. Musculus made many contributions

4.6. 5 pillars guid lines

4.7. Love for others

4.8. Make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in their life

4.9. Most place of worship

4.10. Different sections for the different genders

5. Christianity

5.1. 2 billion people practice

5.2. Jeasuse born a Jew

5.3. Crucifixed on a cross

5.4. Largest Religion in the world

5.5. Sinto turn from God

5.6. repent turn from God

5.7. Bible

5.8. Churches

5.9. Sanctuary

5.10. Saints