World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. About 90 million people practice it

1.2. One of the oldest religions

1.3. 4 social classes called the Caste system

1.4. Plants, animals, and other things are part of Bruhman

1.5. Karma is the effect of good and bad

1.6. Moksha is freedom from life

1.7. Temples are a sacred place

1.8. Ghandi taught tolerance for all people

1.9. Belief in reincarnation

1.10. Some Hindus don't eat meat

2. Buddhism

2.1. The lotus flower symbolizes enlightenment

2.2. Dana is given to monks

2.3. Temples are visited to pray

2.4. Belief in reincarnation

2.5. 4 noble truths

2.6. 1. suffering is part of life

2.7. 2. suffering comes from desire

2.8. 3. There is a way to end suffering

2.9. 4. Ways to end suffering

2.10. The noble eightfold path

3. Judaism

3.1. The oldest organized religion

3.2. Abraham

3.3. First to proclaim monotheism, the belief in a single God

3.4. Old Testament

3.5. The Bible

3.6. Their leader, Moses lead them out of Egypt and freed them from slavery

3.7. Ten Commandments

3.8. Emerged 4,000 years ago now known as present-day Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan

3.9. Established their capital at Jerusalem

3.10. Built a temple to worship their one God.

4. Christianity

4.1. Began about 2,000 years ago

4.2. Based on the teachings of Jesus

4.3. The Golden Rule

4.4. New Testament

4.5. The Sermon on the Mount

4.6. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

4.7. Jesus rose from the dead

4.8. Jesus' followers the Apostles

4.9. Romans looked at Jesus as a possible troublemaker.

4.10. Jesus was arrested and crucified

5. Islam

5.1. Founded by Mohammed

5.2. Allah, the same God worshiped by Jews and Christians

5.3. Some Mecca grew envious of Mohammed's growing influence

5.4. Mohammed fled to Medina in 622, fearing for his life

5.5. Mohammed became a popular religious leader

5.6. Mohammed gathered an army to retake Mecca in a "holy war"

5.7. After recapturing the Mecca, Mohammed got ill and died.

5.8. "Islam" means "submission" (to Allah)

5.9. Follower is called a Muslim

5.10. Mohammed's teachings are found in the Quran