Religions Of The World

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Religions Of The World by Mind Map: Religions Of The World

1. Hinduism

1.1. More than 80% of people that live in India are Hindu's

1.2. Hindu's do not believe in god

1.3. They think of brahman in many ways

1.4. Girls and women wear dots on there head

1.5. Guys wear lines on their head

1.6. A cow is a symble of life and goodness

1.7. water means life and hope

1.8. When people die they prefer to scatter their ashes in the ganges river

1.9. Karma is the effect of their actions bad or good

1.10. Moshka is a place of peace and happiness

2. Buddhism

2.1. There are more than 360 million buddhists

2.2. about 6% of the world are buddhists

2.3. Sid saw an old man

2.4. Sid saw a sick man

2.5. Sid saw a dead man

2.6. Sid saw a man who gave up all desires and was happy

2.7. Sid chose the middle path

2.8. Sid realized that all desires made people miserable

2.9. 2 largest types are therevada and mahayana

2.10. An important learning is the 4 noble truths

3. Judaism

3.1. Over 5 million Jews live in the US

3.2. They were one of the 1st religions to worship 1 god

3.3. Ten commandments were the Jewish law

3.4. In 1900's in Russia the Jews were being attacked

3.5. The nazis took away the rights of the Jews

3.6. Over 6 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust

3.7. The torah is a sacrid writing of what god wanted from them

3.8. A synagog is a place to say hebru

3.9. Kippah is a cap they were that says god is around them

3.10. The most important commandment is honor your mom and dad

4. Islam

4.1. The 5 pillars of faith are the basic religious duties

4.2. There are 1 billion Islams

4.3. about 6% of people are Islams on earth

4.4. They only worship 1 god

4.5. It spread to many countries

4.6. They say 5 preyers every day

4.7. The wash they do is called wudu

4.8. Hijab is what they wear to cover there hair

4.9. They dont worship pictures they worship spirits

4.10. Quarn is the book of god

5. Christianity

5.1. biggest religion in the world

5.2. monotheistic

5.3. jesus was resurrected by god

5.4. christianity has a god named god

5.5. jesus was crusifried

5.6. christianity was in all of the humanity populated continents

5.7. trinity is the belief that god contained 3 persons

5.8. we believe that jesus was gods son

5.9. we believe tthat jesus died on the cross for everyone

5.10. the bible is a book that combines a collection of writings