World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. 80% of people in India believe in Hinduism

1.2. Hinduism is the oldest religion

1.3. Worship many spirits, Brahman is the main god

1.4. The caste system is still very influencial

1.5. Everything in the world is Brahman

1.6. Rivers are very sacred (most important river is the Ganges River)

1.7. The soul is eternal and everlasting

1.8. Strong belief in karma and dharma

1.9. Temples are the earthly dwelling places for gods (very sacred)

1.10. Sacred writing is Sandskrit

1.11. All Hindu's have a family shrine in their home

2. Buddhism

2.1. 6% of the world practices Buddhism

2.2. Main Leader of Buddhism is Sid Guatama

2.3. Buddha's live in moderation

2.4. Buddhism is split into many branches (Main two branches are Theravada and Mahayana Buddhists

2.5. Important part of Buddhism is the 4 Noble Truths

2.6. Important part of Buddhism is the 8 Fold Path

2.7. Buddhists believe that if people stop wanting, it will end suffering

2.8. Dharma is the law of Buddhism

2.9. Belief in birth, life, death, reincarnation

2.10. Main goal of Buddhism is to achieve Nirvana

2.11. Buddha is a symbol for one who is truly awakened

3. Islam

3.1. 1 billion people in the world are Islamic

3.2. 1/6 of the world is Islamic

3.3. Islamic people believe in one god, Ala

3.4. Muslims opened the first hospitals

3.5. Islamic people need to pray five times every day

3.6. Islamic people believe in something called the five pillars

3.7. Mecca is the most holy city for Muslims all around the world

3.8. Muslims treat each other equally

3.9. Before Muslims can pray they need to clean themselves off with water

3.10. The Koran is the holy book of Islam

3.11. Ramadan is the holiest part of the year

4. Judaism

4.1. The forefather of the Jews, Abraham, who grew up in Mesopatamia

4.2. A belief system based on monotheism

4.3. The history of their relationship with god is told in first books of the bible

4.4. The basis of Judaism is a belief in the Ten Commandments, which came directly from god

4.5. The Ten Commandments established a moral code for Jews, which forbade certain conduct

4.6. There are 14 million Jews in the world

4.7. First major monotheistic religion

4.8. 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocosts

4.9. Torah is the sacred writing for Jewish people

4.10. The 10 commandments are the centerpiece of Jewish laws

5. Christianity

5.1. Jesus is an important part of Christianity

5.2. The Romans crusified Jesus

5.3. Jesus was ressurected after his death

5.4. There are two groups of christianity, Catholic & Eastern orthodox

5.5. Christianity is the largest religion in the world

5.6. Trinity is the belief that god is the father, son and the holy spirit

5.7. They believe that god is the ruler of the universe

5.8. They believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins

5.9. The holy bible is the sacred writing of the Christians

5.10. The church was built to warship god and Jesus

5.11. Many churches have statues of saints in them