Input & Output Devices

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Input & Output Devices by Mind Map: Input & Output Devices

1. Output Devices

1.1. Monitors: has the RAM and software

1.2. Projectors:project the lesson onto the board so that the class can see the presentation largely as a whole.

1.3. Output devices provide a way to present the information on the computer

1.4. Printers: able to print off any material needed for the learners

1.5. Speakers: Audio can be used to present the lesson for learners who learn best with audio.

1.6. Smartboards: can control the computer screen from the white board, which allows for students to also interact more.

2. Input Devices

2.1. Keyboard

2.2. Mouse

2.3. Input devices allow for information to put into the computer

2.4. Track pad

2.5. Flash drive: can transfer material and save material

2.6. Scanner

2.7. Remote Control: can control the computer from a distance while monitoring all the students through out the classroom