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Enginate Discovery Framework by Mind Map: Enginate Discovery Framework
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Enginate Discovery Framework

Session 5 - Solution Roadmap

This is what we heard you say

This are some strengths we've identified

These are the problems we identified

Here are our solutions for those problems

Did we understand you correctly?

Session 4 - Client's strategies and tactics

Current strategy

Strategy Options


Session 3 - Client's competition and market



Homework for ME prior to Session 4

Session 2 - Client's Customers

Different customer segments

Create avatar

CURRENT Customer Avatar #1

CURRENT Customer Avatar #2

POTENTIAL Customer Profile #1

POTENTIAL Customer Profile #2

Homework for ME prior to session 3

Session 1 - Client's Business

General Notes can go here




Homework for ME before session 2

Stated Needs

Put the list of problems they first came to you with here

Identified Needs

Create a running list of problems/issues/opportunities that come up throughout the Discovery Process

Unique Value Prop

If their Unique Value Prop is not clearly defined, use this space to