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CGW Strengths and Weaknesses by Mind Map: CGW Strengths and Weaknesses
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CGW Strengths and Weaknesses

Strenghts: do more of

Social Connections

Powerful New Perspectives

Powerful Exercises, Analogies, Metaphors Demonstrating the Principles of Personal Growth

getting people out of their comfort zone


Weaknesses: do less of or do differently

getting an overview over one's complete life

"integrating all principles" stage play exercise

what could be made into a Strength?

"taking action" is a necessary part of getting to planet B, so getting people to start taking action during the workshop increases the likelihood of successful implementation after the workshop

truth part of the written exercises: "be your own objective observer" when projecting from the past into the future. That works somewhat for most people, but the effect could probably be improved a lot by teaming up with another person and letting them play the "objective" part. Maybe just for double-checking what oneself has written and understanding how well one is able to think like an objective observer, after first projecting one's development oneself and then explaining to the other person and seeing whether they agree and why and why not. Could bring to light some nasty brain bugs ;)