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CGW Strengths and Weaknesses by Mind Map: CGW Strengths and
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CGW Strengths and Weaknesses

Strenghts: do more of

Social Connections

aspects, Environment during the workshop is great, chance to connect with the other participants and establish supporting long-term relationships

benefits, sets up the new supportive social environment necessary for successful journey to planet B

how to do more of, what social connections are we talking about?, interest / discussion groups, support groups ("cheerleading"), mentorship, mastermind groups, (somewhat) local CGW people for meeting up in home city or when travelling etc, (finding local people is already being aided by the state/city or country on the name tag), make the "forming new social connections that last beyond the workshop" a key part of the workshop by..., saying that it is explicitly- emphasizing it even more, making people even more aware of it, help people organize themselves in mastermind groups, how?, help people find mentors for their goals, how?, in general: find ways to help people find the right others to talk to, e.g. by finding out about everyone's passions, skills, knowledge and interests and publishing that info on the wall (literally, not FB ;)) so everyone knows who they can talk to about a certain topic, who to connect with over that... (for forming interest / discussion groups, finding mentors, ...)

Powerful New Perspectives

aspects, New Questions (utilized in the exercises), insightful stories from Steve on stage, exchange with fellow participants

benefits, increased awareness, helps seeing the truth and patterns and understanding better where one wants to go, getting new ideas for experiments, changes, desires, through openly sharing yourself getting a better sense of connection with more individuals and the group as a whole

how to do more of, bring in some more questions for every exercise and let participants answer them separately, i.e. split every exercise up into multiple questions and answers, bring in more insightful stories for days 3 and especially 2; day 1 was wonderful in that respect, include a "share your answers with someone else" aspect again, as was the case in CGW#2, to minimize the negative side-effects experienced at CGW#2, namely that some people aren't very good at one-on-one sharing..., set new rules for the sharing part: listener is not there to give advice, only to listen and play the objective observer... if something of value is observed, it should be shared, otherwise it's perfect to just listen, and / or try the sharing in small groups, and / or break the seating order apart for the written exercises part of the workshop so that from time to time the order is "walk around and find a new sharing partner", -- there definitely has to be a way to make this part of the workshop again and make it work well... it was one of the best things in CGW#2 according to many participants

Powerful Exercises, Analogies, Metaphors Demonstrating the Principles of Personal Growth

aspects, planet A - planet B, ultimate rock-paper-scissors (principle: oneness), rock-paper-scissors demo on stage (patterns and awareness), master-slave exercise (principle: authority), expand it, discuss the results of the first iteration, make some things more explicit, setting a purpose as master

benefits, knowledge about principles sticks better, thinking in metaphors makes alignment with principles easier in every day life

how to do more of, make the planet A-planet B metaphor part of the workshop again - at CGW#3 it was not introduced properly and explicitly, and it was used, though not consistently

getting people out of their comfort zone

aspects, through lots of social interaction, more than most are used to, through sharing openly, with "strangers", through challenges during the workshop and power exercises

benefits, puts people on track towards their planet B as to get there they usually have to make many changes that extend outside their comfort zone

how to do more of, put the power exercises back in, see connected entry, difficulty levels, spread power exercises throughout the whole workshop experience


benefits, they're able to answer many newbie questions, there's more of them than people in the workshop organization team, they're more part of the workshop than the organization team, so they're more accessible, they bring unique experiences to the table that benefit newbies, they create a sense of continuity and community during the workshop, they often lead groups during the workshop: pre-workshop meetup, hiking trips, lunch, dinner, other activities after workshop hours, they're active in the community before, during and after the workshop and keep it together

how to make them come to more than one workshop, give them half off the price for attending the next workshop? Certainly justified for those who would volunteer for more than just answering some newbie questions., give them a distinct member level in the forums (I know, this one is super stupid, but it works)

how to engage them during the workshop, put something distinct on their name tag, let everyone know about that distinction and what those people are there for besides just regularly participating in the workshop, give them a little stage time to introduce some activities they organize / lead etc during and after the workshop (hiking trips, fun stuff, dinner, post-workshop community events like the CGW skype calls in English and German, ...)

Weaknesses: do less of or do differently

getting an overview over one's complete life

problems with the approach, huge amount of repetitive writing exercises that become almost ineffective for most people after the 2nd or 3rd life area

if this is one of the primary goals of the workshop, the approach needs to be reengineered

"integrating all principles" stage play exercise

while this was really fun to watch, creating the play worked really badly in at least one group; plus the results were not really enhancing the integration of the principles / of "your planet B self"

and I actually love your original idea and goal of giving participants the chance to act out their planet B self (it's kind of similar to the "taking action" below)... maybe it's possible to think of a different exercise that let's people put it all together? Can't think of one right now, but there must be something.

what could be made into a Strength?

"taking action" is a necessary part of getting to planet B, so getting people to start taking action during the workshop increases the likelihood of successful implementation after the workshop

how this works during the workshop right now, new social connections are made, expansion of comfort zone through new action, some people probably already make healthier food choices, some already form mastermind groups, some probably start to exercise (more than they're used to)

how to expand the ways in which it's already working, make the part of making social connections "more official" with suggested ways and tools to do it, make power exercises an integral part of the workshop, i.e. include them throughout the whole thing, let people keep score of how many they do, make a fun competitive game out of it, show people how to create and run mastermind groups, make it easier to find the right people for it, suggest that people not only go eat together, but also that they find exercise buddies, even if it's just for a longer walk or so -- encourage that!, in every case just making the thing "a more official part of the workshop" by mentioning it, giving a few suggestions about it etc, will go a long way already -- then helping people to organize those things would be the second step

people usually have relatively similar ultimate goals by life area... how about finding a few actions for every life area that improve results? Here are a few ideas..., health, healthier food choices, action: eating vegan or raw, together with others, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, action: going to stores with lots of veggies / fruits and shop the right foods, together with others, action: eating some fruit throughout the day (would it be possible to provide some fruits for all the participants, like a fruit "snack buffet" where everyone can take 2 fruits or so during the day), action: for people who enjoy writing: write an article about healthy food choices, share it with the CGW group and the world, environment setup, action: those who are interested can buy / order a vitamix during the workshop (have some order forms ready, would also be a nice additional source of revenue), there could be a vitamix at the workshop and either during the breaks people can create their own smoothies or a dedicated "smoothie chef" does it and shows how they're doing it, print and give out a few simple recipes for smoothies, so the "smoothie cookbook" is in the new, healthier environment, relationships, career, to learn more about one's passion, action: 10 minutes of journalling about things you love doing, finances, action: create and use a spending log, action: offer to do something you enjoy doing and do well but haven't been paid for yet for a low price / on a "pay what you want" basis to other workshop attendees, spirituality, emotions, habits, people could select a few small things they'd like to include in their daily routines and start practicing them (possibly together), morning routine: visualizing how good the day will go, how good you will feel, the goals you achieve or work towards, ..., morning routine: writing down your 5 top goals, morning routine: writing down dreams you remember from last night (that's a combination of skill development and habits), evening routine: writing a daily journal entry, evening routine: writing down 5 things, people, situations you're grateful for, mental development, select any skill of interest and start improving it with some small action like..., focus & concentration, action: meditation (focusing on breath) for whatever number of minutes is challenging, every day in the morning or evening, writing skills, action: write a short article reviewing an interesting aspect of the workshop day, language skills, action: learn 5 new words of a language you'd like to learn, every day, reading skills, action: every day, select an article from the same or a similar source of written information, set a timer for 5 minutes, read and measure how far you get; write down the information you retained, then check how many of the facts you got vs how many not; note down the results in a spreadsheet, measure your improvement, logic & number skills, action: solve a small math problem every day, action: when shopping add the positions in your head in an accurate manner (or: in an estimating manner), see how well you've done on checkout, action: whenever simple addition / subtraction etc challenges come up solve them in your head first before using the calculator to double-check, technical skills, action: setup a simple blog on, action: setup a facebook fan page for your business or business idea, kinesthetic skills, action: find someone who can teach a few dancing steps and learn them, action: same thing with juggling or something else that requires coordination and can be done without much equipment, preparation etc, humor skills, action: learn and tell a fine joke, action: observe opportunities for situational humor, use them, make people laugh, action: observe when and why people laugh, make notes about your observations at the end of the day, depth of knowledge, action: find an article in your field of expertise / interest that dives into an area you're not too familiar with yet and read it, breadth of knowledge, action: pick people's brains about their interests, learn something from them that you know nothing or very little about

truth part of the written exercises: "be your own objective observer" when projecting from the past into the future. That works somewhat for most people, but the effect could probably be improved a lot by teaming up with another person and letting them play the "objective" part. Maybe just for double-checking what oneself has written and understanding how well one is able to think like an objective observer, after first projecting one's development oneself and then explaining to the other person and seeing whether they agree and why and why not. Could bring to light some nasty brain bugs ;)