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Google by Mind Map: Google

1. Mail (Raphael Goh)

1.1. Questions?

1.1.1. Is there RSS Feeds for email?

1.1.2. Is there a way to reduce spam?

1.1.3. Can i filter messages into different folders/labels?

1.1.4. i want to send a mail to 44 of my classmates, but i have to key in their emails 44 time!! Can we create email Groups so that i can just key in the group and send the email to 44 ppl?

1.1.5. Using keyboard short-cuts for gmail is much more efficient but i forget keys sometimes, is there a way to make the short-cut legend show up in gmail?

1.1.6. Im going overseas for vacation and my friends might send me important emails, is there any way that the system can can tell the sender of a message that I'm away?

1.2. Features

1.2.1. Email Account

1.2.2. Receive and Send Mail

1.2.3. Filters Categorise mails

1.2.4. Labels

1.2.5. Spam

1.2.6. Trash

1.2.7. Star

1.2.8. Chat

1.2.9. Drafts

2. Maps

2.1. Questions

2.1.1. How to locate a place using grid reference?

2.1.2. Do they have downloadable maps? Yes

2.1.3. Is there a way to use it with GPS (Hp)? Yes

2.2. Features

2.2.1. Find Location of Places

2.2.2. Find Stores

2.2.3. Will not get lost easily

2.2.4. Locate places easily

3. Documents (Ryan)

3.1. Questions?

3.1.1. How to open a document with attractive labels?

3.1.2. how do I publish my document in a blog or google site?

3.1.3. How to only allow others to view and not edit

3.1.4. How do I create a survey and send it to my friends to fill up?

3.1.5. Can I edit on the same document together with my friend at the same time?

3.1.6. my friend accidentally delete a whole part of the document, can I get it back?

3.1.7. Can i chat while i collaborate in a spreadsheet with other ppl?

3.2. Features

3.2.1. Documents

3.2.2. Surveys

3.2.3. Forms

3.2.4. Spreadsheet

3.2.5. Drawing

3.2.6. Presentation

4. Sites

4.1. Questions?

4.1.1. How to create a website with pictures?

4.1.2. How to set a restriction?

4.1.3. How to put Google Map in my site? I wish it is like Blogger

4.1.4. Can I create my own theme?

4.1.5. Can our sites be advertised by AdSense?

4.2. Features

4.2.1. Hyperlinks Link to new websites

4.2.2. Create web sites Plan Activities Share Info Collaborate With Others Stay connected Update Information

4.2.3. Templates Blank Ect.

4.3. Types of Site

4.3.1. Family site

4.3.2. Classroom Site

4.3.3. Project Wiki

5. Calendar (Si Qing)

5.1. Questions?

5.1.1. Can i create more than 1 calendars? if so, how do i display different calendars? Who asked this question? zzz

5.1.2. how do I create a sms event reminder to myself?

5.1.3. How do I share the calendar with my friends?

5.1.4. How to create a study calendar and set myself email reminders

5.2. Features

5.2.1. Sharing of calenders Family, friends and teachers know your schedule

5.2.2. Planning Plan Events Plan Tasks Time Management