Success Plan

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Success Plan by Mind Map: Success Plan

1. Food Cost

1.1. Lower Food Cost

1.1.1. Jumpalooza Raise there 1 topping price between .50 to 1 dollar

1.1.2. Absolute Portioning Proper Training Incentivizing Employees Using tips and tricks for quick portioning

1.1.3. Single Vendor Agreement Roma Sofo Glazier

1.1.4. Finding Actual and Ideal Weekly Inventory Master List In System Sunday Inventory Spreadsheet Labeling all items in store

1.1.5. Food Prices VMS System

1.1.6. Chemical Prices Different System

1.1.7. Upselling Dessert pizza Add Bacon to dessert pizza

1.2. Quality

1.2.1. Dough Quality Not rotating properly Using press Proper Recipe Oven

1.2.2. Salad Quality Salads look cheap

1.2.3. Calzone Qaulity Not Cooking Properly

1.2.4. Pasta Quality Too much Sauce

1.2.5. Dessert Quality Tiramisu from Eli

2. Culture

2.1. Hire More Picky

2.1.1. Get a better crop of long term drivers, not just drivers to fill the gap

2.1.2. Get immigrant workers

2.2. Bonus Program, Driver,Manager, Insider,Phones

2.2.1. GATOR program(Get All The Order Right)

2.3. Show Staff Appreciation

2.3.1. Green Tokens

2.3.2. A nice word

2.3.3. Gift Cards

2.4. Competitive pay

2.4.1. Raise Menu Prices

2.5. Fun Environment

2.5.1. Sarpinos Team Website Hosting Events Culture Video

2.6. Problems/Solutions

2.6.1. When problems arise they don't complain, they provide 3 solutions to the problem

2.7. Meetings

2.7.1. Have Managers from other store have meetings together

2.7.2. Have Preshift meetings

3. Customer Service

3.1. Decrease Oven Time

3.1.1. Cook Training Not Missing Items Paying Attention on madeline Communicating to each other Cook Incentives Works quick and efficient Makeline to stocked properly

3.1.2. Proper Order Taking

3.1.3. Removing no cook items from madeline

3.1.4. Have some items premade

3.1.5. Cross Training instore

3.2. Decrease Delivery Time

3.2.1. Apartment Maps

3.2.2. Driver Routing Presentation

3.2.3. Manger Driver Routing Training

3.2.4. Program to track Delivery Drivers

3.2.5. Enough Driver Schudled

3.2.6. Driver Incentivized

3.3. Decrease Door Time

3.3.1. Proper Routing

3.3.2. Communication between router and driver on preparation of order

3.3.3. Another Bag heater

3.3.4. Preparing Driver order

3.3.5. Have driver station stocked

3.3.6. Have enough driver scheduled

3.3.7. Double check driver station that items are not forgotten

3.3.8. Stickers are put on properly in proper order

3.3.9. Oven person is not backed up

3.3.10. Oven stations area is stocked

3.3.11. Communication between router and oven is fluid

3.3.12. Communication between oven and driver is fluid

3.3.13. Router has help to answer store phone

3.3.14. Call Center to be properly staffed and online

3.3.15. Have certain item prepared

3.3.16. Drink station to be stocked

3.4. Create WOW experinces

3.4.1. Give them the pickle

3.4.2. Do something unexpected

3.4.3. Treat them with Value not a number

3.4.4. Over Deliver on what is promised

3.4.5. Make them feel special

3.4.6. Develop Relationship with them

3.4.7. Know there name

3.4.8. Clean Store

4. Advertisment

4.1. Doorhanging

4.1.1. Aquire New Customer Find out rate of return in area

4.1.2. Remind Existing Customers Find out rate of return in area

4.2. Email

4.2.1. Send them great offers

4.2.2. Keep them informed of upcoming Events

4.3. Sarpinos App

4.3.1. Gather Emails

4.3.2. Send Relevant Push Notification

4.3.3. Give them easy access to online ordering

4.4. Social Media

4.4.1. Messaging Existing Customer

4.4.2. Get Postive Review from Customers

4.4.3. Give them engaging Content

4.4.4. Keep them informed of upcoming events

4.4.5. Facebook Order Online through Facebook using Gloria Foods

4.5. Text Message

4.5.1. Messaging Existing Customers

4.6. Word of Mouth

4.6.1. Giving WOW experiences Free advertisment

4.7. Pandora

4.7.1. Sarpinos USA

4.8. Links Magazine

4.8.1. Be on front cover when they give a really good deal

4.9. Charity and Fundraising Events

4.9.1. Find organization who need donations Give them 15% of order received Once a year give them a month for 50%

4.10. Hotel Advertisment

4.10.1. Hotel Staff Incentives

4.10.2. Hotel Key Cards

4.10.3. Hotel Laminating Menus

4.10.4. Finding Out when big events are coming

4.10.5. TV Stands

4.10.6. Pizza Phone Button

4.10.7. Advertisement in Elevator

4.10.8. Advertisement in swimming pool area

4.11. Business Advertisment

4.11.1. Create enticing lunch specials

4.11.2. Remind customer of our presents

4.11.3. Give them updated menus

4.11.4. Catering

4.12. Area Type

4.12.1. Where is out business coming from Which gives us the best rate of return Which areas should we hit more often Which area we should hit less often Which area is giving us best average ticket Who are our customers

4.13. Menu

4.13.1. New

4.13.2. Stapled and rubbeband

5. Labor Cost

5.1. Staff Scheduled Properly

5.2. Vigilant on Overtime

5.3. Hiring Practices

5.4. Equipment Maintance

5.5. Proper Cutting

5.5.1. Routing Driver with Delivery on the way home

5.5.2. Based on Historical Date

5.6. Filling out Performance Report

5.6.1. Being conscious of store overall performance

5.7. Utilizing top performers effectively

5.7.1. Have staff stationed at there strengths

5.7.2. Holding People Accountable

5.8. Manager Leading not Bossing

5.9. Incentivizing Staff

5.10. Making sure everyone is working

5.10.1. Make sure people are holding there weight not causing other people to do there work

5.11. Cross Training

5.12. Following proper closing and opening procedures

5.12.1. Pressure CheckList Get Laminating Rolls to fill out sheet with marker

5.12.2. After Store Checklist

6. Training

6.1. Cross Training

6.2. Find out means of effective learning

6.2.1. Visual

6.2.2. Hands On

6.2.3. Audio

6.2.4. Combinations

6.3. Watch Sarpinos Videos

6.3.1. Clean as you go

6.3.2. Driver

6.3.3. Insider

6.3.4. Manager

6.4. Giving them clear expectation and performance goals

6.5. Teach them Team Player

6.6. Understand value of customer

6.7. GATOR

6.8. Orientation meeting

6.8.1. Show them detail of operations

6.8.2. Tips and Tricks

6.8.3. Expectations and Pefrormance

6.9. Teach People on Time management

6.10. Teach People on work ethic

6.11. Teach People on Focus

6.12. Read training manual

6.13. Incentivizing staff

6.14. Follow Ups

6.14.1. Quality Check