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Acoustech - June 2 by Mind Map: Acoustech - June 2
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Acoustech - June 2

SXSW 2010

By Nick Molnar

Went to SXSW for Adopt A Band

Tried to go to as many SXSWM panels as possible

Nonprofits + Artists, Project (RED) has had terrific success with this, Many members of the crowd shared their own stories of how cheap/effective this can be, Mutually beneficial relationship, Artists get free exposure, Nonprofits get music without having to pay licensing fees, Music in times of crisis, Effective for fundraising, Why did K'naan rush to make a Haiti song?, Urgent need for funds, Why are there no oil spill songs?, Moneymart + Wyclef Visas, Powerful partnership to get money to victims and raise profile of Wyclef + Moneymart, Awareness and fundraising are the most important parts


Allowed anyone to share mixes

New business model after being shut down by labels

Only Muxtapes with artist permission are allowed

Creating new artist driven sites

Similar to Bandcamp

Open source version of the old, wild west, concept still available

Hype Machine

Derek has a music blog that is indexed by Hypem


10 years blogging, Started making mixtapes and publishing them online, Monthly zip file of tracks, Moved to a one-song-per-day format after a year

What is Hype Machine

Music Aggregator

Has a list of blogs it scrapes, then allows voting on the index of songs

Black box of selecting the music blogs indexed, Apparently they try and find non-overlapping sources of tunes

The model dictates the taste, Pop/House is universally popular music and thus rises to the top of the charts

Great source of permalinks for easily playable songs, Find a song elsewhere, share the HypeM link

Twitter List

More diverse/better than "Popular" section

Sharing=more value than liking

Derek Getting Admitted To HypeM

No notice. Just one day he found his traffic had quintupled, 500 --> 2500 hits per day

DMCA Takedown Notices started appearing immediately

Labels started reaching out

Why are we so obsessed with the newest music from the youngest bands?


There is 100 years of music we don't know about

What Models Are Making Money



Physical Space

Music Direction, Custom packaged music for retail + restaurants, Designed to match the brand and mood. Highly contextual, Web based/interactive, Licensing fees paid to SOCAN, Resound, ASCAP, Per location licenses, Playlists sent, but no idea if money is distributed equitably, Customers, Keg, Opus Hotel, Keefer, Cactus Club, Joeys, Profitable, Took 2-3 years to get there, Player is built from a $600 small form factor computer, Not driven by online marketing, Word of mouth and shaking hands