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Albert Einstein by Mind Map: Albert Einstein

1. Greatest Contributions to Science & Accomplishments

1.1. Published 4 of his most influential research papers, including The Special Theory of Relativity ("e=mc2") in 1905

1.2. In 1915, completed the General Theory of Relativity

1.3. In 1921, won the Nobel Prize in Physics

1.4. Recognized as TIME magazine's "Person of the Century" in 1999

2. Today's Practical Applications of Einstein's Theories

2.1. The development of television

2.2. Remote controls devices

2.3. Automatic door openers

2.4. Lasers

2.5. DVD players

3. All About Einstein

4. Birth/Early Childhood

4.1. Born in Uln, Germany

4.2. March 14th, 1879

4.3. Showed an extraordinary interest in science

4.4. Was a quiet and distant child

4.5. Played the violin and piano

5. Education

5.1. Attended Petersschule on Blumenstrasse Elementary School, a Catholic school but he was not Catholic

5.2. At 10 years old, he was accepted to Luitpold Gymnasium (now known as Einstein Gymnasium)

5.3. Einstein enrolled in the Zurich Polytechnic in October 1896 to become a teacher of mathematics and physics

5.4. Mainly relied on independent studies

5.5. As a young physicist, obtained his Doctorate degree in 1905