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CDN by Mind Map: CDN
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Fixed costs = ?

Hardware, cache = 3000$ per 1gbs(Max 1000 IP)

Hardware storage = 300$/ 1TB

Datacenter = 1100$ per 1gbs

Variable costs

Systems, Monthly running cost = 7000$, Payroll included? no, Hardware cache? capacity la bao nhieu= 12TB & > 5gbs? Unit cost per month?, Hardware storage? unit cost per GB = 300$/1TB, Maintenance, System upgrade = 2nd phase, System repair = 500$, Payroll (co the khong can thiet phai di chi tiet den phan nay anh ah), Team manager, Technician

Customers, Cost to acquire new customer, co the lon vi co the can add hardware, Monthly Cost to maintain relationship = nhỏ


revenue per Gb = 2500 $

Forecast number of customer

First phase (03 month) = 3 customer

Second phase (6month) = 3 customer


1st phase

Storage capacity = 64TB

Bandwith = 5gbs, max 8gbs

Number of technicians= 3

Cache size= 12TB

2nd phase upgrade= > 10gbs

Pricing Model

Setup fee = không lớn lắm

Price per TB storage = 600$

Price per gbs= 3000$

Minimum contract = 2 month