Tested On Animals

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Tested On Animals by Mind Map: Tested On Animals

1. 1961- Chimpanzees were sent to space

2. Crucial for Hepatitis A and Hep B vaccine tests

3. Increasingly banned; moving towards high-tech, low cost alternatives

3.1. U.S. and Gabon the only countries left using this medical practice

4. Chimps are used as a a last resort

5. Protesters are pushing for less of the old chimps being moved

6. Chimps are expensive, difficult to handle and very similar to humans

7. U.S. studies have dropped from 53 to 32 (2007-2010)

7.1. 1/32 was testing H.I.V.

7.2. None of these were cancer studies

8. HIV research has moved from chimpanzees to Rhesus monkey

8.1. More reliable reproduction of human HIV infection

9. 20% of chimps are being used for medical research at any given time

10. "With advances in technology , chimps are no longer necessary."

11. Mice and monkeys are beginning to be the preferred first option

12. 75% of chimp studies involve hepatitis C

12.1. Hep C affects 3.2 million Americans

12.1.1. Often causes liver cancer

12.2. Often causes liver cancer

12.3. Infects no other lab animal

13. Keep chimps for future disease research

14. Draft off suitable test candidates

15. Mice and rats are not susceptible to all human viruses

16. Mice are being engineered to carry human livers that are able to be infected by some of the diseases that regular mice can't

16.1. Some rodents have human immune systems to control more of the variables

17. 50% through completely replacing chimps with mice

18. What do we use to gauge the worth of the different species lives?

18.1. Do we sympathize with chimps because they are more human like?

18.2. Why do we object to the use of primates and not the use of rodents?

19. Imprisoned regardless of the fact that they have done nothing wrong.

19.1. Tortured