TPaCK Framework

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TPaCK Framework by Mind Map: TPaCK Framework

1. Pedagogical Content Knowledge

1.1. Marriage of understanding how students learn and the best methods to communicate the subject matter

2. Technology

2.1. Accomplishing different tasks in different ways using technology

2.2. Lack of knowledge: little technological literacy and only linear ways of solving problems

3. Pedagogy

3.1. Understanding of how students "construct knowledge"

3.2. Lack of knowledge: failure to "reach" students or convey materials in developmentally appropriate ways

4. Content Knowledge

4.1. Knowledge of subject to be taught

4.2. Lack of knowledge: misconceptions, no depth of understanding

5. Technological Pedagogical Knowledge

5.1. Creative uses of technology that advance student understanding and application

6. Technological Content Knowledge

6.1. Understanding how technology and content enhance and restrain each other

7. Technology, Pedagogy & Content Knowledge

7.1. Finding a balance of each component, and well as ensuring that no category takes away from the effectiveness of another (but instead enhances each other)