ELL Programs

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ELL Programs by Mind Map: ELL Programs

1. Sheltered English Instruction (SEI)

1.1. Standards and Objectives

1.1.1. Proficiency in English while learning content in an all-English setting.

1.1.2. Both ELL learners and native speakers are in the same class setting

1.1.3. For ELL learners who have achieved an intermediary level of English proficiency.

1.2. Strategies

1.2.1. Increase wait time

1.2.2. Simplify Teacher Language

1.2.3. Don't force oral production

1.2.4. Make lessons sensory activities

1.2.5. Pair students with native speakers

1.2.6. Increase your knowledge of the students culture and background

1.2.7. Build on student's prior knowledge

2. Two-Way Immersion

2.1. Standards and Objectives

2.1.1. Students develop a high level of proficiency in their first language.

2.1.2. Students will develop a high level of proficiency in a second language.

2.1.3. All students perform at or above grade level.

2.1.4. Students demonstrate positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors.

2.2. Strategies

2.2.1. Instruction starts out mostly in the students' native language (about 90%).

2.2.2. Instruction in English is gradually increased until about half the instruction is in English.

2.2.3. Develop clarity and competency in dual languages

2.2.4. Connect content and instruction to the students' and community's lives

2.2.5. Develop challenging activities that foster higher order thinking in both languages