Damian's Map of His Mind

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Damian's Map of His Mind by Mind Map: Damian's Map of His Mind

1. Much team work today. Worked on google doc and glog with team to finish up, now on to Project 2

2. Todays task was to take a video analysis of our mellow launcher and jot down data with our new group members.

3. Today we worked with logger pro which is used for our video analysis. This may be used for our first project of the marshmallow launcher. 6-8-10

4. Day 6 Mo Motion: For next videos check weather outside to avoid heat wave. Logger Pro progression in advancement with each use. Communicate more with other classmates for feedback on given work by Weaver.

5. Mellow Launcher

6. Project 2

7. Ideas for Project 3

7.1. basketball

7.2. football

7.2.1. rotation of spiral of football