Fundamental Human Needs (Max-Neef, A.M. , 1990)

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Fundamental Human Needs (Max-Neef, A.M. , 1990) by Mind Map: Fundamental Human Needs (Max-Neef, A.M. , 1990)

1. Protection

1.1. BEING: care, adaptability, autonomy

1.2. HAVING: social security, health systems, work

1.3. DOING: cooperate, plan, take care of,

1.4. INTERACTING: social environment, dwelling

2. Subsistence

2.1. BEING: physical and mental health

2.2. HAVING: food, shelter, work

2.3. DOING: feed, clothe, rest, work

2.4. INTERACTING: living environment, social setting

3. Afffection

3.1. BEING: respect, sense of humour, generosity, sensuality

3.2. HAVING: friendships, family, relationships with nature

3.3. DOING: share, take care of, make love, express emotions

3.4. INTERACTING: privacy, intimate spaces of togetherness

4. Understanding

4.1. BEING: critical capacity, curiosity, intuition

4.2. HAVING: literature, teachers, policies, educational

4.3. DOING: analyse, study, meditate, investigate

4.4. INTERACTING: schools, families, universities, communities

5. Participation

5.1. BEING: receptiveness, dedication, sense of humour

5.2. HAVING: responsibilities, duties, work, rights

5.3. DOING: cooperate, dissent, express opinions

5.4. INERACTING: associations, parties, churches, neighbourhoods

6. Leisure

6.1. BEING: imagination, tranquility, spontaneity

6.2. HAVING: games, parties, peace of mind

6.3. DOING: day-dream, remember, relax, have fun

6.4. INTERACTING: landscapes, intimate spaces, places to be alone

7. Creation

7.1. BEING: imagination, boldness, inventiveness, curiosity

7.2. HAVING: abilities, skills, work, techniques

7.3. DOING: invent, build, design, work, compose, interpret

7.4. INTERACTING: spaces for expression, workshops, audiences

8. Identity

8.1. BEING: sense of belonging, self-esteem, consistency

8.2. HAVING: language, religions, work, customs, values, norms

8.3. DOING: get to know oneself, grow, commit oneself

8.4. INTERACTING: places one belongs to, everyday settings

9. Freedom

9.1. BEING: autonomy, passion, self-esteem, open-mindedness

9.2. HAVING: equal rights

9.3. DOING: dissent, choose, run risks, develop awareness

9.4. INTERACTING: anywhere