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world region by Mind Map: world region

1. Christianity

1.1. 10 commandments-the law of Christ

1.2. christens are the followers of Christ

1.3. Father,son,and holly spirit

1.4. disciples are gods followers

2. Buddihism

2.1. began around 500 b.c.e

2.2. the founder is Siddhartha Gautama

2.3. he didnt set out to create an religion

2.4. he to only teach his belief and his hope is to stop suffering

2.5. the Buddha believed to give up all earthy disiars

2.6. the Buddha decided to set out looking for the truth and he saw suffering and death from war

2.7. and after six years he realized that there is suffering out side the castles walls

2.8. Buddha only tough the four Nobel truths

3. Judaism

3.1. the oldest religion

3.2. religion created by an old Hebrew 4000 years ago

3.3. the creator was a Abraham in Mesopotamia

3.4. believed that a signal god created this planet

3.5. the first people to practice monotheism

3.6. and only believed in one god

3.7. didnt believe god wasnt human

3.8. early relation is told in the old testament

3.9. the leaders name was Moses

4. Islam,founded in Mohammed,founded by an military leader,in 570 it was created,the creator was an merchant,and also a sheepherder,he rote his first message in a cave,he converted the Arab tribes from many gods to just one.