Who would be the audience for your media product and why?

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Who would be the audience for your media product and why? by Mind Map: Who would be the audience for your media product and why?

1. Age

1.1. The BBFC age rating of my film was 15.

1.2. The results of my questionnaire shows that a person ages 16-24 is most likely to watch my film.

1.3. The research of my questionnaire shows the gender most likely to watch my film would be a male student, due to the genre of 'thriller' and the gore and the element of fear a thriller can bring a viewer.

2. Race

2.1. This would most likely to be non applicable, as thrillers tend to attract a wide variety of society and markets.

2.2. Although, my characters are white and northern, which may attract a very niche market - consequently leading to a larger Caucasian audience, also a specific region of the northern areas of the UK.

3. Gender

3.1. The results of my questionnaire and research show the audience of my film is likely to be male orientated, however the results also showed a majority of girls would also watch a thriller, the significance of females who would watch a thriller who make this relatively insignificant.

4. Location

4.1. The majority of thrillers are marketed towards Western, UK and American audiences - this helped me target my audience, as the costume and make up was based around Western culture.

5. Hobbies

5.1. If I were to market my film, it would be done mostly through ads and suggestions through people who watch similar films and genres

5.2. Their favourite films would most likely be big box office hits, such as I am Legend and other films around my sub genre.

5.3. They would most likely also be interested in TV Drama, such as The Walking Dead and Survivors, due to the montage I created in my own film and a few short takes. They would also watch these films on Netflix, Sky, or Amazon Prime - due to them most likely being students.