World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hinduism

1.1. About 900 people practice it in the world

1.2. One of the worlds oldest religion

1.3. Believe in Varnes, Vishnu, Deities, Karma, Nirvana, Reincarnation

1.4. Girls - Dot Boys - Line

1.5. Plants/Animals are a part of Brahman. Some Hindu's do not eat meat.

1.6. Only priests can be with the gods. Temple's were sacred.

1.7. Some Hindu's have shrines in their homes. They also burn insents, before praying. Say "Aum" in the beginning of the paryer

1.8. Mahabharata is the longest poem.

1.9. All rivers are sacred. The most sacred river is the Ganges.

1.10. Hindu's dance out stories/poems/epics.

1.11. Gandi, was the greatest political leader. Gandi was assasend in 1948.

1.12. Sibling Day is the holiday to celebrate your siblings. Divali is the celebration of lights. Splash of colored water, and colored powder over everybody to celebrate the beginning of spring.

2. Buddhism

2.1. 6% of the worlds population believe in Buddhism.

2.2. Siddhartha gave up his fathers riches, wife, and son.

2.3. Siddartha chose the "Middle Path"

2.4. Siddhartha meditated under a tree. They call that moment the "Enlighten moment"

2.5. Siddhartha became the Buddha

2.6. The third Noble Truth is, End to suffering.The Fourth Noble Truth is, The Noble Eightful Path.The second Noble Truth is, Suffering comes from desire.The second Noble Truth is, Suffering comes from desire.The second Noble Truth is, Suffering comes from desire.The first Noble Truth is, suffering is a part of life.

2.7. Dharma and Karma

2.8. Reincarnation is based on karma. If you have good karma you will be born into anther form.

2.9. The spiritual leader id Dahalama.

2.10. Munks serve their community. They believed that you should serve your community.

3. Christhanity

3.1. Worlds largest religion

3.2. Jesus is the center

3.3. Christians are monotheistic.

3.4. Jesus was a jew

3.5. He was nailed to the cross to help save the people who sin.

3.6. On Easter Jesus was reserected. And he was alive.

3.7. The religious leaders are the preists and the Bishop. They have a Pope

3.8. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

3.9. All Christians have many things in common.

3.10. Basic beliefs are in the Bible.

3.11. Gospels is the beginning story in the New Testament.

3.12. Churches,Sanctuary, are sacred places.

3.13. The Lord's Prayer.

3.14. On the last supper they shared the bread and wine.

4. Judiaism

4.1. They were the first to be monotheistic.Monotheistic - Believe in one god. First Monotheistic Religion

4.2. Used the Bible

4.3. 4000 years ago

4.4. Abraham started the religious leader.

4.5. The 10 commandments was the center piece of the Jews. There is moral code of conduct.

4.6. Jews were often robbed, chased out of their homes, and they were persecuted.

4.7. 1930, Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi's. 6,0000 people were killed during the Holocaust.

4.8. Many Jews felt like it was important learn Hebrew.

4.9. God came first to Jews and they thought that the Tara was important book to them so they would study it, and worship the book.

4.10. They go to the Sin a gon to worhsip.

4.11. There are three branches of Judism.

4.12. They keep "Kosher"

4.13. Bar - Mitz

4.14. Jews wear a Yamaka

5. Islam

5.1. Islam means "Surrender"

5.2. There is about 1/6th of the worlds Islam

5.3. Muslims opened the first hospitals and created algebra.

5.3.1. They say prayers 5 times every day.

5.4. They pray 5 times every day. They are very close to God. Women and Men pray in separate rooms.

5.5. Kazakh was the money that they used.

5.6. The pillars are guide lines.

5.7. They have to travel to Mecca at least once in there lifetimes.

5.8. Women have to cover their hair in the mask.

5.9. They bow to God in their prayers.

5.10. They study a Koran.

5.11. They can not eat pork or drink alcohol.

5.12. The Sharia was a guide book in Islam.

5.13. Aquila is when you have a celebration to tell everybody the babies name.

5.14. They shave the babies head. And, how ever much it ways, they give that amount of gold to the poor.