World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Hindusm

1.1. more than 80% of people in India are Hindu

1.2. before going into temples people took their shoes off and washed their feet to show respect

1.3. Puja is a way to show respect to Brahman

1.4. many hidus have shrines in their homes

1.5. Holi is a day were hindus celebrate the return of spring by throwing a mixture of water and colored powder on each other

1.6. Davili is the celebration of lights

1.7. Hindus believe that all life is sacraed

1.8. Shiva is a godess that destroyes old while creating the new

1.9. It is a brothers job to protect his sister

1.10. Rahki is when a holiday when a sister shows her love for her brother and ties a bracelet around her brothers wrist.

2. Buddishm

2.1. Sid decided that he would give up everything he had including his family

2.2. Sid went without food and sleep to see what it felt like to be tired and hungry

2.3. Sid found out what causes suffering and how to stop it ,he then became the Buddah

2.4. Suffering is apart of life

2.5. 4 noble truths and the eightfold path is apartof life in Buddishm

2.6. buddists beleive that their lives now affect what will happen in the next life

2.7. the sanga is made up of nuns and munks

2.8. the tripitiak contains the buddahs words

2.9. the buddah sat under a bohdi tree when he meditated

2.10. when the buddah passed awayhis followers collecteed his bones and teeth

3. Judaism

3.1. russians used pograms to keep the jews population small and powerless

3.2. 6 million jews were killed in the holicost

3.3. isreal represents a place to live and shape their lives to the jews

3.4. Torah is the story of jews journey to understand what god excpects of them

3.5. jews believe the torah is a sacred book

3.6. the sinagag is a place for study, assembally ,and prayer

3.7. scrolls are kept in specail places,it can take a full year to completkey finish a scroll

3.8. there is a moral code of conduct known as the ten commandments

3.9. the sabbath is a day of rest, begins at sunset on friday and ends at sunset on saturday

4. Islam

4.1. `

4.1.1. more than 1 billion islams

4.2. people believed in many gods

4.3. people were forced out of Mecca

4.4. he was not holy and he wasnt supposed to be worshiped,no one mad statues of him or anything for people to know what he looks like

4.5. every islam must make a hijj to mecca at least 1 time in their life time

4.6. wudu is when everyone washes themselves to show respect to God

4.7. people wear loose clothing, men were different hats depeanding on their religion and culture

4.8. Muslims cant eat pork or drink achaol

4.9. Muslims believe that this life is a test for the next life

4.10. the first words after a baby is born are Gods name

4.11. after 47 days you announce the babies name and shave the hair on their head, weigh it and give that amount of gold or silver to the poor

5. Christianity

5.1. 2 billion people practice this religion

5.2. Jesus lived about 2,000 years ago and is believed to be God's son

5.3. Romans crucified Jesus on the cross

5.4. Jesus' followers went to his tomb and saw that it was empty

5.5. Christianity is the biggest religion that is practiced

5.6. sacraments are things that people do to get a blessing

5.7. the belief that God has 3 bodies that are the father the son and the holy spirit is called the trinity

5.8. the bible is the holy book of Christianity

5.9. God raised Jesus from the dead

5.10. when Christians choose to do what is wrong and turn their backs away from Jesus that is known as a sin

5.11. sacraments are things that people do to get a blessing