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Developing an e-Learning culture @ HRC by Mind Map: Developing an  e-Learning culture @ HRC
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Developing an e-Learning culture @ HRC

HRC's new build is up. How do we develop an e-Learning culture across the College?

A Managed Learner Journey

MIS supports usage, monitoring and tracking of learners and their progress

Effective whole College system for agreeing/ revising targets

Assessment schemes are standardised!?

Central Learning Resources



Blended Learning

Blended Learning = A combination of face to face learning and planned online activity




StudyNet (HE)

Professional Development

All tutors have a minimum e-learning skillset

Defined July 2009

Comprehensive training programme for all college systems

Opportunities/ expectations to share e-Learning practice

Whole College e-Learning Forums Departmental events

Peer and Online Support

Online material and case studies help staff to develop and learn from colleagues at an appt. time and in a convenient location

Critical understanding of adoption & impact

Learner feedback

Compare learner perceptions of the value of technology in their learning over time Polls and focus groups capture information as necessary to inform decisionmaking

Generator assessments

enables us to compare perceptions/ developments across the College

Moodle Statistics

Gives us tutor vs student stats,

Course reviews

Focus on how e-Learning is used.



Progress Review

Clarity of expectations