Developing an e-Learning culture @ HRC

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Developing an e-Learning culture @ HRC by Mind Map: Developing an  e-Learning culture @ HRC

1. Blended Learning

1.1. Tutor

1.2. Learner

1.3. The VLE (MOODLE)

1.3.1. All FT and substantial PT courses have a MOODLE 'course' automatically

1.3.2. All MOODLE courses are used to at least a minimum standard Contains SOW Contains all presentations/ lesson notes and links Contains all assignment briefs Contains all homework tasks 1 on-line activity (minimum)

1.3.3. Some MOODLE courses

1.4. StudyNet (HE)

1.4.1. Minimum: Modules contain all lecture notes and slides

1.4.2. Online submission of work

2. Professional Development

2.1. All tutors have a minimum e-learning skillset

2.2. Comprehensive training programme for all college systems

2.3. Opportunities/ expectations to share e-Learning practice

2.4. Peer and Online Support

3. Critical understanding of adoption & impact

3.1. Learner feedback

3.1.1. Surveys Startup Mid-year End of year

3.1.2. Focus groups

3.1.3. Polls StudentNet Course based (Moodle)

3.2. Generator assessments

3.2.1. Academic departments Subject areas

3.2.2. Support departments Staff Development Teacher Training ILT Support

3.2.3. Senior Management

3.3. Moodle Statistics

3.4. Course reviews

4. A Managed Learner Journey

4.1. MIS supports usage, monitoring and tracking of learners and their progress

4.2. Effective whole College system for agreeing/ revising targets

4.3. Assessment schemes are standardised!?

5. Central Learning Resources

5.1. Physical

5.1.1. Classroom SMART Board

5.1.2. Portable Netbook PCs

5.1.3. Other devices

5.2. Online

5.2.1. Fast, intuitive, 24/7 access Collated and indexed in-house External subscriptions accessed under HRC login Individuals share resources across HRC

6. Communication

6.1. Personalisation

6.1.1. StudentNet

6.1.2. StaffNet

6.2. Progress Review

6.3. Clarity of expectations

6.3.1. of Students by Staff

6.3.2. of Staff by the College