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The Hub by Mind Map: The Hub

1. What's new and unique

1.1. Phase 1 - Structure & centralise

1.1.1. Proposals - centralisation

1.1.2. News - centralisation

1.1.3. IP - centralisation

1.1.4. Sydney meeting room bookings

1.1.5. BLC content - centralisation

1.1.6. IT Helpdesk requests

1.1.7. Profiles - centralisation

1.2. Structure

1.2.1. Hub Internal news IP Posts Adhoc ideas Staff movements Upcoming events

1.2.2. Share Adhoc ideas BLC content Case studies Internal news Images IP IP Blogs/Ideas Our Wiki Recent proposals Slide library of our models Staff contacts and skills Whitepapers

1.2.3. Action Add internal news Add adhoc ideas Add new event Add staff movements Book a meeting room (Syd) Get to CCMS Lodge a Helpdesk request Lodge a Leave Form View Payslips Lodge Timesheets

1.2.4. Clients

1.2.5. Learn

1.2.6. Show

1.2.7. Groups Dashboards Information Technology Knowledge Solutions Projects

1.2.8. Fun

1.2.9. Search

2. Basics

2.1. Navigation

2.2. Search

2.3. Lists

2.4. Blogs

2.5. Libraries

2.6. Wikis

3. So where do I put things post 28 June?

3.1. BLC reference material (SharePoint)

3.2. Client details / revenue (CCMS)

3.3. Client Proposals (SharePoint)

3.4. IT Support (SharePoint)

3.5. Meeting room bookings (SharePoint)

3.6. News (SharePoint and email)

3.7. Adhoc Ideas (SharePoint)

3.8. IP Ideas (SharePoint)

4. Who can help?

4.1. New Zealand

4.1.1. Contributors

4.1.2. Champions Jo L Maree G

4.2. Australia

4.2.1. Contributors

4.2.2. Champions Angela F Fiona C Julie R Janelle S Ann J Casey R Kirsty E Kate F Kelly M Kiri White Kimberley M Meaghan G Taryn L Zena F Anne-Marie R Trudy L

4.2.3. Super Champions Chris D Nigel B Rebecca S Madeleine W Ida L Raph B Sarah M Sophie