IM5 - Optimisation problems solved with analog circuits

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IM5 - Optimisation problems solved with analog circuits by Mind Map: IM5 - Optimisation problems solved with analog circuits

1. Design

1.1. Develop Software Conversion Tool

1.1.1. Automate Circuit Simulation

1.1.2. Automate PCB design

1.1.3. Design Software interface

1.2. Develop Model Predictive control applications

1.2.1. Model Approximation

1.2.2. Simulate Control Performance

1.3. Approximate Ideal Components

1.3.1. Design realisable negative resistor

1.3.2. Design realisiable ideal diodes

2. Requirements

2.1. Research

2.1.1. Calculate results to constrained

2.1.2. Understand and test KKT rules for an optimal solution

2.1.3. Proof validity of a circuit as a solution to optimisation problem

2.1.4. Determine empirical conditions for circuit convergence

2.1.5. Mathematically prove convergence

2.2. Administration

2.2.1. Risk Assesment

2.2.2. Access to laborities

2.2.3. Installation of software, Matlab, LTSpice, Java

2.3. Training

2.3.1. Lab Safety Training

2.3.2. Soldering Training

3. Construction

3.1. Manufacture PCB

3.1.1. Design PCB

3.2. Deployment on Plant

3.2.1. Deploy on a Quadcopter Plant

3.3. Develop Final Software Tool

3.3.1. Translate Prototypes from Matlab to Java

3.3.2. Design GUI

4. Testing

4.1. Accuracy

4.1.1. Test performance from a control performance stand point

4.2. Power

4.2.1. Power consumption compared to equally fast circuits

4.3. Time

4.3.1. Determine trade off between power consumption and convergence speed

4.3.2. Compare convergence speed to micro-controller based alternatives

4.4. Cost / Performance analysis

4.4.1. Determine feasability for industry applications