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Reweb by Mind Map: Reweb
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Source Code

Type : File Code Url : source Param : project-component

Operation Source Code

Type: Operation Code Url: html/common/operation-source.html Param: project-componenet, operation

Source Code

Type : File Code Url : source Param : project-component

Source Code

Colomn : File Type : File Code Url : source Param : project-component

Code Analysis

3.1 Modularity Metrics

Select Perspective, Select Perspective (all-diffusion-metrics-2), Select Perspective (modularity-metrics-summary-perspective-2), Select Perspective (feature-graph)

File Cohesion Metrics, File Cohesion Metrics (cohesion-metrics-2)

Operation Cohesion Metrics, Operation cohesion Metrics (cohesion-metrics-2-operation)

3.2 Complexity Metrics

Size Metrics, Table (size-metrics-summary), Code Map (size-bubble-chart), Table (size-metrics)

Module Cyclomatic Complexity, Code Map(complexity-bubblechart), Table (complexity-metrics-summary), Table (module-cyclomatic-complexity), Table (operation-complexity)

Procedure Cyclomatic Complexity, Table (procedure-cyclomatic-complexity)

Halstead Metrics / Maintainability Index, Code Map (halstead-chart), Table (halstead-metrics), Table (show-halstead-metrics-maintainability-index)

3.2 Dependency Metrics

File Dependency Metrics, Code Map (dependency-chart-2), Table (dependency-metrics-2), Table (dependency-metrics-summary-2)

Paragraph Dependency Metrics, Code Map (system-dependency-metrics-chart), Table (operation-dependency-metrics-2)

3.3 Replication Metrics

Code Replication Metrics, Code Map (code-replication), Table (replication-metrics-summary), Table (clones), Table (clone-locations)

Replicated Code By File, Code Map (replicated-code-info), Table (replicated-code-info)

3.4 Dead Code Metrics

Unused Variables, Code Map (unused-entries-chart), Table (unused-data-entries)

Dead Code Info Table, Table (dead-code-info), Table (dead-code-location)

Missing Files, Table (missing-files)

Missing Definitions, Table (missing-defs)

Domain Analysis

1.1 Identifier Analysis

1.1.1 Identifier Frequency, Identifier Frequency (all-identifiers), CodeMap (identifier-bubblechart), Table (all-identifiers-by-file), Table (find-definitions)

1.1.2 Identifier Substrings, Identifier Substrings (all-identifier-substrings)

1.1.3 Identifier Substrings Tuples, Identifier Substrings Tuples (all-identifier-tuples)

1.1.4 Substrings Clusters, Substrings Clusters (substring-clusters), Text (substring-cluster-perspectives)

1.1.5 Identifiers by File, Identifiers by File (identifiers-in-file), Table (all-identifier-substrings-by-file), Table (top-identifiers-by-file)

1.1.6 File Clusters, File Clusters (file-clusters), File Clusters (identifier-file-clusters)

1.1.7 Operation Clusters, Operation Clusters (identifier-clusters), Operation Clusters (module-clusters)

1.1.8 Clone Cluster, Clone Cluster (clone-clusters), Graph (clone-graph), Table (clone-groups), Table (clone-locations)

1.2 Feature Analysis

1.2.1 Select Perspective, Select Perspective (feature-graph), Colored Source (colored-source), Select Perspective (annotated-code-perspective), Table (identifiers-by-feature-by-file), Table (diffusion-metrics), Table (coupling-metrics), Table (coverage), Select Perspective (feature-correlation-perspective), Text (aggregate-perspective)

1.2.2 All Matching Identifiers, Table(all-identifiers-by-feature)

1.2.3 All Identifier Occurrences, Table(all-identifiers-occurrences)

1.2.4 Suggested Feature-Identifier Mapping, Table (suggested-identifier-mapping)

1.2.5 Feature Diffusion, Table(feature-diffusion-perspective)

1.2.6 Feature Coupling, Table(feature-coupling-perspective)

1.2.7 Coverage Metrics, Table(coverage-metrics-perspective)

1.3 Feature View

1.3.1 Select Views, Select Views(feature-view-files), Colored Feature(view-feature-colored), Text(view-feature)

1.4 Select Rule Views


Select Rule Views (business-rules-for-view), Table (business-rule), Text (export-rules)

Select Rule Views (business-rule-graph-view)

Select Rule Views (business-object-model-for-view)

Architecture Extraction

2.1 Diagrams

Class Diagram, Table (data-definitions), Class diagram

Use Case Diagram, Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Table (file-flow-io)

Program Call Graph, Depedency Graph

Paragraph Call Graph, Depedency Graph

Flow Diagrams, Table (program-flows), Call Graph, Code Map (entry-point-flow), Flow Graph (program-flow-graph), Table (file-flow-io), Activity Diagram, MSC Diagram

2.2. Dependencies

Resource Dependency DSM, Dependency Graph, Dependency Graph

Variable Dependency DSM

Use-Def Variable Dependency DSM

Operation Dependency DSM

Resource Dependency Graph, Dependency Graph (svg), Dependency Graph (svg)

Variable Dependency Graph

Use-Def Variable Dependency Graph

2.3 SQL Dependencies

SQL Dependency Summary, Code Map (hierarchical-deps-chart), Table (hierarchical-deps-summary)

SQL Server CRUD Summary, Table(hierarchical-dep-rev-summary)

SQL Table CRUD Summary

SQL Column CRUD Summary

2.4 CICS Dependencies

CICS Dependency Summary

CICS File CRUD Summary

CICS Transid CRUD Summary

CICS Map CRUD Summary

CICS Mapset CRUD Summary

CICS Dump CRUD Summary

2.5 FD File IO Dependencies

FD Dependency Summary

FD CRUD Summary