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Open Citizen Map by Mind Map: Open Citizen Map
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Open Citizen Map


Friedrich, Michael, Lavinia, Willi


Open Citizen Map ... macht im städtischen Raum die situations-relevanten Daten sichtbar und nutzbar

Open Citizen Map Funktionen: (a) "Lokale Weltverbessserung" - das Umfeld verbessern, Missstände abstellen (b) "Social Places" - Gleichgesinnte finden für gemeinsame Aktivitäten

Plattform für Web und Mobile

Motto: Open Citizen Map - Transparenz für Bürger

Ausbaustufe: CitizenAR (Augmented Reality Layer)

Verwandte Konzepte und Plattformen

Bereich Umfeldverbesserung / Schadensmeldung

Bereich Partizipative Stadtgestaltung

Weitere Ansätze / Patterns to use / Ausbaustufen

Pattern Reality Mining

Pattern "Multimediale Visitenkarten" [könnte es auch für (nicht-kommerzielle) Orte geben]

Pattern "Freizeitplaner" (für Citizen2Citizen match-making interessant)

Plattform WAVE - für die Ausbaustufe AR


Plattformen/Apps wie HalloHier fokussieren auf C2G (Citizen-Government) - ggf. steckt in C2C noch Potenzial

Idee: PoC = Point of Citizenship - analog zu POI Point of Interest

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Phase 1 Konzeption/Ideenprüfung

Phase 2 Projektplan, Ressourcen


AR Content / "Visionary Use Cases"

Social Publishing of Spatial AR Content

Political canvassing maps overlaid on residential locales (such as the front door and/or sidewalk exit) and/or individuals, indicating acceptable hours for contact, subjects of interest, and prior contact history. Think an intensely immediate and detailed application of the Obama campaign's Neighbor to Neighbor/Voter Profile system. (Matthieu Pierce) Device channels: smartphones overlay the information as above, feature phones receive details via SMS after the canvasser sends an address via SMS to the central service, and stationary devices such as laptops present an overhead "field organizer" perspective of multiple participant. Public park picnic spot management: ad-hoc demarcation of micro-lots for picnicers seeking to rapidly allocate play and lounging spaces between all present. Device channels: smartphone AR overlay for on-the-ground lines and playing fields, and for feature phones a call-in automated voice system to provide close-enough instructions-- "Hello, municipal picnicer! There's an unreserved parcel 120 yards SW from the playground. Watch out for the soccer game that's ongoing nearby." ...  

Social Publishing of Non-Spatial AR Content

Self-exposure of social/material networks: business or sports teams, ad-hoc uniforms, political parties. Device Channels: At planned events, projected onto walls or ceilings as network-aware mirrors/maps. Forward-facing, worn or carried displays, such as e-ink badges, cell phones screens set to a "team ID" mode, and all sorts of color LED hacks.


Link to this map with url:

Pilot OCM Berlin

Basis: OpenBerlin

Special Use Case: Parks

Kooperationen / "Co-Learning": OpenGreenMap-Berlin ?

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