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SIFT by Mind Map: SIFT

1. Symbol


1.2. How does symbolism relate to poetry?

1.2.1. Symbolism relates to poetry because without symbolism things in poems only have one meaning, but with symbolism in poetry things may have many different meanings

2. Imagery


2.2. How does imagery relate to poetry?

2.2.1. Imagery relates to poetry because some poets want to paint a picture or explain a certain scene or event to a reader. Without imagery, readers would not be able to understand what poems are describing.

3. Figurative Language


3.2. How does figurative language relate to poetry?

3.2.1. Figurative language relates to poetry through the usage of simile, personification, metaphor, alliteration, ect. These different elements are important to the development of meaning within a poem.

4. Tone and Theme

4.1. Theme and Mood:

4.2. Tone and Mood:

4.3. How do theme and tone relate to poetry?

4.3.1. Theme and tone relate to poetry because the theme of the poem determines what will be presented in the poem and tone represents the delivery of the information within a poem. Both of these elements effect mood and how the poem is interpreted.

5. SIFT is a literary method for analyzing poetry and prose. In groups, students will pick an element and analyze what is being looked for within the context of poetry.