The Giveaway Funnel Formula

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The Giveaway Funnel Formula by Mind Map: The Giveaway Funnel Formula

1. Why Build A Mailing List?

1.1. Owned Media

1.2. STILL the best response rate

1.2.1. PPC .05% - 3%

1.2.2. Banners .03%

1.2.3. Cold Calling <1%

1.2.4. Facebook Page 4-6% organic reach

1.3. Relationship Building

1.4. Grows WITH You

2. What Is A Giveaway Funnel?

2.1. The Old Way Of List Building...

2.1.1. Lead Magnet

2.1.2. Guest Blogging

2.1.3. "Newsletter"...Ugh...

2.1.4. Prayer

2.2. The NEW Way Of List Building

2.2.1. It's actually kinda old... Publisher Clearing House Auto Dealers / Physical Retail "Attention Catching"

2.2.2. But it works. Every. Single. Time People are naturally curious People self select Nobody can resist a great offer: Lottery Gambling Behavioral Psychology

3. Why Build A Giveaway Funnel?

3.1. The Single Quickest Way To Build A Mailing List

3.2. Insane ROI

3.3. Built-In Virality

3.4. Easy To Implement

4. What Is A Mailing List?

4.1. Email List

4.2. Customer List

4.3. Upsell List

5. How To Set Up A Giveaway Funnel

5.1. Avatar Research

5.1.1. Who is your ideal client?

5.1.2. Get specific; you'll need it

5.1.3. What are they already buying...and why?

5.2. What's Your Goal?

5.2.1. Subscribers?

5.2.2. Customers?

5.2.3. Low End vs. High End

5.2.4. Info vs. Physical Products

5.3. Find The Product

5.3.1. Amazon

5.3.2. Alibaba

5.3.3. Ebay

5.3.4. Etsy

5.3.5. Pinterest*

5.3.6. Forums/Quora

5.4. Software Options


5.4.2. KingSumo



5.4.5. Ghetto Version Email Optin Randomly pick a winner

5.5. Autoresponder

5.5.1. Set up contest to require DOUBLE optin (or confirmed optin)

5.5.2. Initiate AR campaign

5.5.3. Publicize the winner

5.6. Landing Pages


5.6.2. Leadpages

5.6.3. Instapage

6. How To Scale A Giveaway Funnel

6.1. Guest Posting / Blogging

6.2. JV With Product Owner

6.2.1. Works even with small vendors

6.2.2. Do NOT skip this because you're lazy...

6.3. Viral Marketing

6.3.1. Sharing Incentives

6.3.2. Bonus Giveaways for milestones

6.4. Reddit*

6.4.1. Be Careful...Here Be Dragons...

6.5. Advertising

6.5.1. Set a total budget

6.5.2. If on a tight budget, use to boost initially and allow organic involvement to take over

7. How To "Evergreen-ize" A Giveaway Funnel

7.1. Monthly/Quarterly Giveaways

7.1.1. If you have the budget, set up a monthly giveaway. This will condition your audience to always have something to look forward to and engage with...instead of a "One Hit Wonder" that they forget.

7.1.2. Quarterly works well for higher priced or valuable giveaways

7.1.3. Ex. Monthly giveaway of a hoodie or jacket + a Quarterly giveaway of a rifle for a prepper niche

7.2. Daily Micro-Giveaways

7.2.1. Flash Giveaways for cool items train the audience to stay engaged + you get great boosts due to the urgency of the timeframe.

7.3. "Free + Shipping" Funnel*

7.3.1. This warrants a whole training...but a book or physical product "giveaway" + shipping can be an amazing SLO or lead magnet.

8. What To Do With A Giveaway List

8.1. The issues

8.1.1. Freebie seekers

8.1.2. Engagement Dropoff...and how to fix it.

8.2. Giveaway Bucket Survey*

9. How To Maximize Your Giveaway Funnel

9.1. Re-Opens

9.1.1. Get extra mileage from the campaign by reopening the giveaway with a bonus or additional item

9.2. Incentives Giveaway For Milestones

9.2.1. Kickstarter uses this to great effect. Incentivize sharing and virality by offering extra bonuses to the winner for certain milestones like: subscriber count, # of shares, etc.

9.3. Autoresponder Sequences Pre-Loaded

9.3.1. Have a campaign ready to send to the new subscribers IMMEDIATELY. Giveaways are impulses, so make sure that you indoctrinate them while they are still interested.

9.3.2. Bonus points: Build relationship and rapport for the first 7 days/emails. This shows that you're not just in it to sell to them

9.4. Retargeting

9.4.1. Easily the most overlooked and underutilized ROI booster in existence.

9.4.2. Retarget people who hit your page but DIDN'T join

9.4.3. Retarget people who joined with the share page to remind them 24-48-and 72 hours after joining.

10. The "Secret Sauce" To Overcoming The Giveaway Funnel's Biggest Weakness

10.1. Biggest Weakness: Freebie Seekers

10.1.1. Flash Sale Affiliate Offers

10.1.2. Trial Memberships

10.1.3. Tripwire Sales Pages

10.1.4. Retargeting Lists

10.1.5. Discount Product Offer on TY Page