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Rapid Video Ranking by Mind Map: Rapid Video Ranking

1. Viewlio Software - https://my.leadpages.net/leadbox/1417b21f3f72a2%3A9447b4fa5/5693549576192000/

1.1. You will have to subscribe to get the software


2.1. Video Keywords - keywords that have video results in google (SUPER Important)

2.2. Types of keywords that typically

2.3. have video results

2.4. Reviews

2.5. Tutorials

2.6. How To

2.7. Fitness & Sports

2.8. Funny Videos

2.9. Long Tail Vs. Broad

2.10. If you can combine these, you will get results quickly for the long tail keywords and longer term you can rank for the broad keyword as well. I always start with the longer tail as well, so I can gain immediate traction and build up the authority of my channel.

2.11. Examples:

2.12. Long Tail: Video SEO Best Practices

2.13. Broad: Video SEO

2.14. 24 hour Jacksonville ac repair

2.15. Jacksonville ac repair


3.1. NOTES:

3.1.1. Video Optimization

3.1.2. Replace file name with keyword phraseVideo Optimization • Replace file name with keyword phrase before upload. Example: video-seo-bestpractices.mp4 Video Title • First 55 or 60 characters are seen in youtube search and google search - get keyword in the very beginning and call to action if possible • If local based business use phone number! Don’t even have to watch video to pickup the phone and call. • Write it like a headline - tip - search google for keyword and look at ads for ideas • Use primary and secondary keyword phrases if possible Don’t repeat keywords • Use every last character available in title • Don’t add unrelated keywords - but don’t be shy about adding keywords and words to ensure the title makes sense and add a call to action Description • According to youtube the more words in your descriptions the higher your chances of being discovered by searchers • 300-600 words (1-2 keywords per 100 words) main key terms before any url Include your keywords at the bottom of your video Tags • Add as many relevant keywords as you can fit in tags Category Choice • Chose your category based upon whats already ranking, don’t reinvent the wheel


4.1. NOTES


5.1. NOTES


6.1. NOTES

7. Special Hacks and Tricks

7.1. NOTES

7.1.1. Use Hangouts vs. videos when appropriate. In my testing they ALWAYS rank better than just uploading a video.

7.1.2. Using keyword planner.. copy and paste url into the box which will get Google to crawl your video. Use the long naked url.

7.1.3. Record multiple videos targeting the same keywords so that you dominate them.

7.1.4. When people comment, you should comment back. This will get you more engagement.

7.1.5. Fight flags! - If your video is flagged, fight to get it removed.

7.1.6. Video length - Always check whats appropriate because it changes… With all of my research I think this is becoming a ranking factor too.

8. Tactics to Get More Views

8.1. NOTES

8.1.1. View your video on desktop, mobile and tablet. Make sure to watch all the way through.

8.1.2. Post the video on social media and ask opinions

8.1.3. Use Fiver - but be natural don’t ever over do. A little boost can help but don't go overboard.

8.1.4. Email your list about the video.

8.1.5. Link to your most recent video in your personal email where your signature is.

8.1.6. People that you are emailing probably like you and will likely watch your entire video.

8.1.7. The Video Leach Method - Notice a channel that shows up in google dominantly? Use their channel name as a tag in your videos so your videos get listed as a related video for their videos.


9.1. Go implement!

10. TIP: Remember to drive traffic to a Lead Magnet and not straight to an offer. So, your link in your YT video Videopages will be to a freebie... This is a BRIDGE. It's Step 1: Drive traffic to your LP. Step 2: LP to a Lead Magnet. Step 3: Lead Magnet redirect to offer.

11. Tip: Technique - Video View Siphon. Use other LEADING videos names as keywords in your videos. Use Viewlio to find out what the top ranking video's are.

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