Living Pledge

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Living Pledge by Mind Map: Living Pledge

1. What can we give while we live?

2. Why?

2.1. Giving Pledge is great but what are you going to do or give while you're living?

3. What?

3.1. Each year you pledge something big or small

3.2. Updated yearly on Jan 1 or your birthday

4. Who?

4.1. Entrepreneurs

4.2. Kids

4.3. Anybody really

5. Viral

5.1. Immediately posted to social sites

5.2. Contest yearly for those that qualify by getting their pledges done

5.3. Examples

5.3.1. people want to see other examples for ideas and inspiration

5.4. concentric circles

5.4.1. Businesses/entrpreneurs their team their customers

5.4.2. Badges on websites