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Scout by Mind Map: Scout

1. _[Scout] "With this in mind, I faced Cecil Jacobs in the schoolyard next day: 'You gonna take that back, boy?'" _[Cecil Jacobs] "You gotta make me first!...My folks said your daddy was a disgrace an‘ that ni_ ger oughta hang from the water-tank!" _[Scout as narrator] "I drew a bead on him, remembered what Atticus had said, then dropped my fists and walked away, 'Scout’s a cow—ward!' ringing in my ears. It was the first time I ever walked away from a fight. Somehow, if I fought Cecil I would let Atticus down. Atticus so rarely asked Jem and me to do something for him, I could take being called a coward for him. I felt extremely noble for having remembered, and remained noble for three weeks."

1.1. Boyish

1.1.1. Scout Handles this situation incredibly unladylike because she thinks of nobility and "heroism" before thinking of "how she would appear" to everybody. She also nearly gets into a fist fight which is also a very "masculine" way to deal with a situation. She also didn't retaliate in an"Girlish" manner after the fight.

2. Looks Like (steph)

2.1. Wears overalls

2.1.1. "He unhooked my overalls, leaned me against him, and pulled them off" Atticus, chapter 31, page 307 Throughout the story, Scout is known to always be wearing overalls, which her Aunty, particularly, strongly disapproves of. Scout did not want to act like or dress like a lady.

2.2. Wears breeches

2.2.1. "Aunt Alexandra was fanatical on the subject of my attire. I could not possible hope to be a lady if I wore breeches; when I said I could do nothing in a dress, she said I wasn't supposed to be doing things that required pants." Scout (narrating), chapter 9, page 88 Aunt Alexandra has made it clear as to what is and isn't lady-like, and is always observing and judging what she wears. Alexandra sees it as her duty to advice Scout on her attire, but Scout has no desire of becoming more feminine.

2.3. Has a fringe

2.3.1. "He pushed back my bangs and looked at me. 'You're more like Atticus than your mother,' he said." Scout, referring to Uncle Jack, chapter 9, page 85 Because Scout is the narrator, her appearance is barely mentioned, she is just portrayed as a tomboy but she sees no need to ever intentionally describe her physical appearance.

3. How Others See Her

3.1. Tomboy

3.1.1. "But I was more at home in my fathers world"... "Ladies seemed to live in faint of horror men" Scout is saying that she doesn't like the lifestyle of females and much preferred her fathers "world". Other characters in the book see scout as a tomboy, Jem even uses this to tease her, he would sometimes call her a girl and she wouldn't like it, which is odd as she is a female.

3.2. Unladylike

3.2.1. "Aunt Alexandra was fanatical on the subject of my attire. I could not possibly hope to be a lady if I wore breeches Scout likes to wear overalls, which is considered to be a boys clothing item. Scout is under constant for from Aunt Alexandra and other woman about he clothing choices.

3.3. Hooligan

3.3.1. "Atticus had promised me he would wear me out if he ever heard of me fighting any more; I was far too old and too big for such childish things, and the sooner I learned to hold in, the better off everybody would be." Scout is seen as a rebellious type of person around the Maycomb community. She is not afraid to fight someone at school, and she sneaks out and follows along with Jem's actions. Around the community Scout is known by the elders to be a hooligan.

4. Acts like(marty)

4.1. ...My fists were clenched and I was ready to let fly. Atticus had promised me he would wear me out if he ever heard of me fighting any more; I was far too old and too big for such childish things, and the sooner I learned to hold in, the better off everybody would be. I soon forgot. Cecil Jacobs made me forget. He had announced in the schoolyard the day before that Scout Finch’s daddy defended ni_ gers. I denied it, but told Jem."

4.1.1. Unladylike

4.1.2. Scout has no real motherly influences and that's why she has a adapted to more "boyish" Characteristics. This is a good example to my claim because if you acted "ladylike" she would've handled the situation differently

5. Textual issues and Concerns linked

5.1. Innocence

5.1.1. "Atticus had said it was the polite thing to talk to people about what they were interested in...So I tackled his entailment once more in a last-ditch effort to make him feel at home...I was slowly drying up, wondering what idiocy I had committed...'What's the matter?' I asked." (page: 169) This is at the moment that a 'gang' of men (including Mr. Cunningham) came to the Maycomb Jail in order to get Tom Robinson. Atticus was there to protect him from any harm. Scout not understanding the seriousness of the situation thinks she will be polite and start a friendly conversation with one of the angry 'gang' members.

5.2. individualism

5.2.1. 'you're mighty dressed up, miss Jean Louise,' she said. 'Where are your britches today?' 'Under my dress' I hadn't meant to be funny but the ladies laughed. (page: 253) This also relates to Scout's innocents as well as her ways of will. She is known to always be the 'Tom Boy' in overalls. One day she gets all dressed up while having tea with her aunt and the Maycomb ladies but still has her overalls underneath showing her determination to stay the way she is and not turn into a lady.

5.3. Tom's Court Case

5.3.1. I saw something only a lawyer's child can be expected to see, could be expected to watch for, and it was like watching Atticus walk into the street, raise a rifle and pull the trigger, but watching all the time knowing that the gun was empty. A jury never looks at a defendant it has convicted, and when this jury came in, not one of them looked at Tom Robinson Scout was like her other immediate family members and disappointed with the verdict of Tom Robinson's case. Unlike others she could determine the jury's verdict much before anyone else had. She observed that since the jury weren't willing to make eye contact with Tom they had all convicted him and that although Atticus is up there all strong and powerful, there is nothing he can do - like a gun with no bullets.