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Central Pre-school Theme: Animals! by Mind Map: Central Pre-school Theme:
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Central Pre-school Theme: Animals!

Social Studies

Where do animals come from?

Different countries

Different climates

What kinds of animals do people have as pets?


Count animals

Counting animal models, pictures, etc. will reinforce number symbol recognition and counting skills

Animal patterns

Animal patterns (with puzzles or manipulatives) will help children to understand patterns and sorting by characteristics

Animal shapes

Creating animals using different shapes will help students to gain familiarity with shapes


Animal comparisons

Comparisons can be made between drawings, models, and other animals - this will help children to look for similar and different characteristics

Baby Animals (eggs vs. babies)

Zoo Field Trip

The unit will culminate in a field trip to the zoo, where children will actually get to see the animals they created in their models!


Science books on animals

Farmer Duck

Curious George Goes to the Zoo

Click Clack Moo

Giggle Giggle Quack

Creative Arts

Drawing animals

Children will draw animals that they want to have as their pet. These drawings will then be a model for their clay animals

Clay model animals

Animal masks

Animal signs

Making signs for their pet animals will help reinforce concepts of literacy.


Animal movement

Imagining how animals move around will help to promote an obstacle course.

Animal yoga

Using animal positions in yoga will help to develop gross motor skills and introduce children to a new type of exercise!