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Associated Students, University of California Irvine by Mind Map: Associated Students, University of California Irvine
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Associated Students, University of California Irvine

SPFB Student Programming Funding Board

Arnold Jalos SPFB Commissioner

President of ASUCI Chair of SPFB

Cross-Cultural Center Representative (1)

Legislative Council Committee Chairs (4)

At-Large Members (3)

Legislative Council

ALVIN PHAN Legislative Council Speaker Pro-Tempore

Judicial Board

OLUWATOBI AGBELEMOSE Chair of Judicial Board

KEVIN TANAKA Vice-Chair of Judicial Board

Annette Lee, Associate Justice Kooshan Khosravi, Associate Justice Samuel Grubbs, Associate Justice William Barton, Associate Justice

Mark Deppe, ASUCI Assistant Director Stephanie Van Ginkel, ASUCI Associate Executive Director Interim Executive Co-Directors of Student Government and Student Media

Serve as advisers to ASUCI Officers, including the Executive Cabinet, Legislative Council and Judicial Board

Executive Cabinet

REZA ZOMORRODIAN President Chair of Executive Cabinet

SANAA KHAN Executive Vice-President Chair of Legislative Council

JOHN DELSHADI Administrative Affairs Vice-President

NIKKI KATHURIA Academic Affairs Vice-President

JOSHUA NGUYEN Student Services Vice-President

Alvin Phan, Executive Cabinet Ex-Officio, Legislative Council Speaker Pro-Tempore

Student Advocate General VACANT