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My Product by Mind Map: My Product

1. What type of games does the market prefer?

1.1. Fair Games

1.1.1. Chance

1.1.2. Nostalgia

1.2. Exciting Games

1.2.1. Clear winning or losing

1.2.2. Bright colours/lights?

1.3. Easy to play games

1.3.1. Accessible for all

1.3.2. Needs to be easy to play but not to win

1.4. What types of games do primary age children enjoy?

1.5. What type of game will they be willing to spend money on?

2. Aesthetics

2.1. Colour

2.1.1. British Values Tradition Flag

2.1.2. Bright colours Attract children

2.2. Lighting

2.2.1. Outdoors so lighting difficult to see

2.3. Texture

2.3.1. Gloss finish Positives-Shine, look professional Negatives-Fingerprints obvious Scratches more obvious

2.3.2. Matt Finish Less professional but hardier?

2.4. What environmental factors will effect what the product needs to look like?

2.5. What will attract people to use the product?

3. Cost

3.1. How much would a primary school be willing to pay to hire the product?

3.2. How much would somebody be willing to pay to use the product?

3.3. Money goes to charity

3.3.1. What Charity? Medical Sail 4 Cancer Macmillan Schools Bags 2 School Active Kids Working abroad? Working locally? Anode Related to Children? Save the Children Wildlife WWF

3.3.2. What Charities will parents pay to support?

4. Consumer

4.1. Primary School Children

4.1.1. Needs to be tough to survive!

4.1.2. Exciting Small attention span

4.2. Parents

4.2.1. Have the money

4.2.2. What type of games do parents prefer?

4.2.3. What type of games are parents happy for children to play? Traditional Supporting good charity

4.3. Who has the money for paying to play?

5. Environment

5.1. Disposable?

5.2. What will the best way be to make my product more environmentally friendly?

5.2.1. Biodegradable? Cardboard/Wood? Electronics not Biodegradable

5.2.2. Strong, will not have to be replaced?

5.2.3. Recyclable? Plastics?

5.3. Use

5.3.1. Outdoors Waterproof Will not fade in the sun? If sounds, loud enough to be heard in open area Bright colours, attract attention

5.3.2. Where is a summer fair likely to take place?

5.3.3. Which materials would be better for outdoor use?

6. Safety

6.1. Used by younger children

6.1.1. No Sharp edges

6.1.2. No exposed electronics

6.2. How can I make it safe for all ages?

7. Size

7.1. Small enough for transport

7.2. Table mounted?

7.2.1. Feet to protect

7.3. Hand held?

7.3.1. Wipe down surface-clean off fingerprints

7.4. Sturdy enough to stay in position during use

7.5. What will be the best size for use at a fair?

8. Function

8.1. Types of electronic game

8.1.1. Chance Roulette

8.1.2. Guessing

8.1.3. Knowledge

8.1.4. Code Breaking Mastermind

8.1.5. Timing

8.1.6. Memory Simon Piano memory game, play the key that lights up

8.1.7. Reflex Electric Shock Game Bop It

8.1.8. Tactical Battleships

8.2. How reliable will the product need to be?

8.2.1. 80-100%?

8.3. How will it collect money?

8.4. How will it represent traditional British values?

9. Manufacture

9.1. Available Methods

9.1.1. Vacuum Forming Only works with polystyrene Repeatable Gives sloped edges

9.1.2. CNC Machine Accurate

9.1.3. Strip Heater Allows bending of plastic Can be time consuming

9.1.4. Laser Cutter Quick Easy Repeatable Only allows 2D designs

9.1.5. Injection Mould Only a limited number of moulds Repeatable

9.1.6. Sticker Repeatable Only works with small designs

9.1.7. PCB Best way to design and make PCBs

9.1.8. How will I make the product repeatable but good quality?

10. Materials

10.1. Available Materials

10.1.1. Plastic Acrylic Strong Bendable Can Snap Range of colours Polystyrene Very easy to bend or mould Range of colours Snaps even more easily than Acrylic

10.1.2. Wood/Cardboard Cardboard Easy to use Cheap Less long lasting Less professional Plywood Cheap Potential for rot Traditional look Splinters Hard to Shape and colour

10.1.3. Metal Aluminium Riveting Strong Could have messy edges Light weight Durable Potential for sharp edges

10.1.4. Which will be the cheapest but best quality?

11. Electronics

11.1. Inputs

11.1.1. Switches PTM Toggle Switch PTB LED Switch

11.2. Outputs

11.2.1. Light LED 7 Segment Display

11.2.2. Sound Buzzer Speaker

11.3. Processes

11.3.1. 4017IC

11.3.2. Capacitor

11.3.3. 555IC

11.3.4. Microcontroller