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Project Plan by Mind Map: Project Plan

1. Goals

1.1. Daily Goals

1.1.1. Functionality Add/Edit daily-longterm Goals Select all pending goals by time span if any 'Add Goal for selected team' only By user having ADMIN privilege Search Goal by date and user

1.1.2. Designing GRID Controls Select Control Calendar controls TreeList controls

1.2. Long term Goals

1.2.1. Functionality Add/Edit longterm Goals 'Add Long term Goal for selected team only By user's Reporter Search Goals by user

1.2.2. Designing GRID Controls TreeList controls

1.3. Weekly Feedback

1.3.1. Functionality User and Lead's Weekly Feedback Search Goals (Including pending goals of status done) of selected Week and corresponding User.

1.3.2. Designing GRID Controls have Goals (Including pending goals of status done) of selected Week : TreeList controls having Users Calendar Controls With selection of weeks

1.4. Appraisal form

1.4.1. Functionality Filter Appraisal form of corresponding User and years. Locking and unlocking form with proper credentials and privileges.

1.4.2. Designing GRID Controls have Appraisal Form (Including all Q/A) Form having two select types for filtering appraisal. Lock/Unlock button

2. Dashboard

2.1. Daily Goal summary

2.2. Average Daily goal staus

2.3. Monthly goal status (Dynamic)

2.3.1. Goal status Done

2.3.2. Goal status New

2.3.3. Goal status In progress

3. Project Management

3.1. Projects

3.1.1. Add/Edit projects

3.2. Section & item

3.2.1. Functionality Add/Edit section for corresponding projects Add/Edit item for corresponding section Uploading Files for items. Item should be Exportable

3.2.2. Design TreeList Control : Root/Child of sections Grid Control : All items with their Attachment Item description with Rich txt Editor Select Control : Selecting project

3.3. Items

3.4. Builds

3.4.1. Add/Edit/Test/Live Builds

3.4.2. Filter Builds by Project, Sections and Items

4. Knowledge Base

4.1. TIPS

4.1.1. Add/Edit technology and corresponding TIPS

4.1.2. Design TreeList Control : Root/Child of Technology Grid Control : All TIPS with title problem and solution

5. Administration

5.1. User Administration

5.1.1. Add/Edit/delete User

5.1.2. Assign/Remove Groups

5.1.3. Designing GRID Controls Forms for Add/edit User

5.2. Group Administration

5.2.1. Add/Edit/delete Groups

5.2.2. Assign/Remove Permissions

5.2.3. Designing GRID Controls Forms for Add/edit Group

5.3. Permission Master

5.3.1. Assign/Remove Permissions

5.3.2. Add/Edit/delete Groups

5.3.3. Designing GRID Controls Forms for Add/edit Permission

5.4. Work Report

5.4.1. Search all Goals(including pending and done) by date

5.4.2. Which should be exportable

5.4.3. Designing GRID Controls Calendar Controls