Leadership Theories

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Leadership Theories by Mind Map: Leadership Theories

1. People are motivated by their goals so act in a way to achieve their goals

2. Contingency Theory

2.1. Leadership is different in every situation; leaders will act differently according to the situation. It is a combination of leader-member relationships, task structures, and position of power

3. Goal Setting Theory

4. Motivation Theory

4.1. Motivated to achieve the goal but must want to achieve the goal and have a reason to achieve it

5. Leader member Exchange Thoery

5.1. Explains the relationship between leaders and followers and how this relationship impacts the leadership process

6. Path-Goal Theory

6.1. Leaders are primarily responsible for helping followers develop behaviors that will enable them to reach their goals

7. Expectancy Theory

7.1. people engage in particular behaviors based on the probability that the behavior will be followed by a certain outcome and the value of that outcome

8. Equity theory

8.1. People are motivated to balance their input and output ratio with other's input and output ratio

9. Reinforcement Theory

9.1. People make their decisions on being rewarded as opposed to do what they want to do. Leadership is a process and members are part of the community.