University of Massachussetts LARP & M3S Students

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University of Massachussetts LARP & M3S Students by Mind Map: University of Massachussetts LARP & M3S Students

1. Planning for Climate Change: A Strategic, Values-based Approach for Urban Planners (Ingram and Hamilton, 2014)

1.1. Dangriga Municipal Development Plan

1.2. Dangriga Action Plan

1.2.1. 1. Executive Summary Climate Projection Positive Climate Vision Municipal Development Plan Points of Interest Action Plan augmentation of MDP Points of Interest

1.2.2. 3. Municipal Policy Recommendations Sustainability Director Climate Change Council Grant Funded Position from UMass Photovoltaic Solar Access Rights Tax Incentives Energy Efficiency Heat Island Effect Municipal Building Energy Commercial Building Energy Transportation Incentives for Sustainable Development Tax Abate for Sustainable Building Municipal Bonding Municipal Employee Training Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy New Tech. Operations Community Engagement

1.2.3. 2. Sensitivity, Vulnerability, & Capacity

1.2.4. 4. Catalyst Projects 1. Wagierale District Focus Flooding Case Study Project Integration 2. Havana Creek Development Focus Current State Case Study Climate-adapted recommendations 3. Stann Creek Development Focus EcoTourism Limited to Water Case Study Climate-adapted recommendations

1.2.5. 5. Implementation & Financing

1.2.6. 6. Appendix

1.2.7. Maps

2. Additional References

2.1. I2UD Belize Municipal Development Plan