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Shapes by Mind Map: Shapes

1. Arts

1.1. Draw different shapes and color

1.2. cut out and color different shapes

1.3. make a collage of different shapes

2. Math

2.1. count different shapes

2.2. shapes triangle jumbo knob puzzle

2.3. sort shapes

2.4. scavenger hunt

3. Language Arts

3.1. Introduce the basic shapes

3.2. reinforce shapes by naming them and using patterns

3.3. My Very First Book of Shapes, by Eric Carle

3.4. Discuss differnt shapes and bring in foods made of different shapes

4. Games

4.1. Shape Bingo

4.2. Shape Dominos

5. Science

5.1. find shapes that are made by people

5.2. find shapes that are found in nature

5.3. shape walk, take students on walk have them point out different shapes around them

6. Social Studies

6.1. Introduce the sphere by bringing a globe to class. Ask students if they can find different shapes on the globe.

7. Physical Education

7.1. Musical shapes, tape different shapes on the floor, have the students step from shape to shape while the music plays, once the music stops have the students tell what shape he/she is standing on

7.2. Musical shapes, place different shapes of instruments in bag, blind fold students and have them to get an instrument out bag, students can play instrument and march around classroom.