CROP (Children's Republic of Palmela)

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CROP (Children's Republic of Palmela) by Mind Map: CROP (Children's Republic of Palmela)

1. Guided Unschooling Group

1.1. WHO?

1.1.1. up to 10 regularly attending children from pre-school age til 17 Iluka Timo Ary Matteo Samson

1.1.2. one adult guide (tutor) Johanna Alberti

1.2. WHAT?

1.2.1. Adult-guided, regular group for homeschooled children

1.2.2. learning is based on self-directed education, respecting the individual but strongly incorporating the social context of being in a group

1.2.3. adult's role is that of a guide rather than teacher

1.3. WHEN?

1.3.1. two consecutive workdays (Thu/Fri)

1.3.2. plus every other Saturday 'open days' where new members are welcome to participate field days parents can join as 'assistants' on excursions

1.4. WHERE?

1.4.1. Varying Locations in/around Setubal/Palmela

1.4.2. eventually a fixed location will be found/created

2. Playshops & Adventures

2.1. WHO?

2.1.1. Anyone is welcome to organize an activity

2.1.2. Anyone is welcome to participate

2.2. WHAT?

2.2.1. Adult/parent organized day activity or weekend

2.2.2. free or donation-based event

2.3. WHEN?

2.3.1. ideally once a month on a weekend

2.4. WHERE?

2.4.1. Varying locations depending on the event

3. Monthly Meet-ups

3.1. WHO?

3.1.1. All parents, adults and children interested in alternative education

3.1.2. anyone is welcome to bring friends

3.1.3. children of all ages

3.2. WHAT?

3.2.1. Open meet-ups to grow our community

3.3. WHEN?

3.3.1. once a month on a Saturday or Sunday

3.4. WHERE?

3.4.1. Varying Locations Nelia's House Mareile's House

4. Amaro’s Creative Lab

4.1. WHO?

4.1.1. Andre Amaro will be the guide and artistic supervisor of the activities

4.1.2. all homeschooled children are welcome

4.1.3. children who go to school are welcome on weekends or school holidays

4.2. WHAT?

4.2.1. A creative lab and adventure playground for all children

4.2.2. activities will vary, but certainly be creative, artistic and with a strong re-cycle, up-cycle, waste-zero ethos

4.2.3. once to twice a month

4.3. WHEN?

4.3.1. on weekdays and/or weekends

4.4. WHERE?

4.4.1. Amaro's Winehouse, Palmela