Holistic Medicine

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Holistic Medicine by Mind Map: Holistic Medicine

1. Negative Factors

1.1. Not always safe

1.1.1. make sure practitioner is properly qualified credentials repuation

1.1.2. can interact with prescription drugs

1.1.3. natural products have own side effects

1.2. Limited Scientific Research

1.2.1. demand is growing

1.2.2. evidence in still limited

1.2.3. too many unanswered questions

1.3. Confused Marketing

1.3.1. mislabeled as natural

1.3.2. don't confuse "safe" with "natural"

1.3.3. red flag unrealistic claims "miracle cure" "secret ingredient"

2. Positive Factors

2.1. Personal Attention

2.1.1. different philosophies

2.1.2. different fee structures

2.1.3. more one on one time

2.2. Whole-person treatments

2.2.1. physical

2.2.2. emotional

2.2.3. spiritual

2.3. Prevention Focus

2.3.1. more well check ups

2.3.2. prevent disease from occurring or reoccurring

3. Basic Facts

3.1. therapies attempting to treat a person as a whole

3.2. originated in 4th century B.C.

3.3. became everyday language in late 1970's

3.3.1. Westerners began looking for an alternative to allopathic medicine

4. What can it treat

4.1. Ilnesses

4.1.1. underlying causes of illness

4.1.2. tries to prevent illnesses

4.2. complementary and alternative

4.2.1. accupuncture

4.2.2. chiropractic care

4.2.3. massage therapy

4.3. patient education

4.3.1. self care

4.3.2. life style changes