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Lights and Optical Systems by Mind Map: Lights and Optical Systems
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Lights and Optical Systems

Our knowledge about light and vision comes from explanations, inventions, and investigations.

1.1 The Challenges of Light

1.2 Optical Devices

Light behaves in predictable ways.

2.1 Light Travels in Rays and Interacts with Materials

2.2 The Law of Reflection:

2.3 Reflecting Lighit with Curved Mirrors

2.4 Transparent Substances Refract Light

2.5 Lenses Refract and Focus Light

Light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

3.1 The Wave Model of Light

3.2 The Elactromagnetic Spectrum

3.3 Producing Visible Light

3.4 The Colours of Light

Eyes and cameras capture images using the properties of light.

4.1 Image Formation in Eyes and Cameras

4.2 Other Eyes in the Animal Kingdom

4.3 Image Storage and Transmission