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Orange County Public Schools March 9th Board Meeting by Mind Map: Orange County Public Schools      March 9th Board Meeting
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Orange County Public Schools March 9th Board Meeting

Overview of Meeting


-Recognition of Chickasaw Elementary School for Closing Achievement Gap for Free and Reduced Lunch students and ELL students.  Principal acknowledges and thanks staff of elementary school. (PD) -Chairperson of School Board praises Superintendent, Principal, and staff of school. (PD) -Impressed when the chairwomen said that we want to create "top producers of the nation." (PC) - Principal from Chickasaw Elementary School stated "a principal does not stand alone." This shows that she values her staff. (PC) -The school boards are run with Roberts Rules of Order as listed on the school web.(TJV) -Anyone wanting to address the Board was requested to fill out a form to be addressed at an appropriate time. (TJV)

Strategic Plan Update - The Fine Arts

1. Superintendent emphasizes importance of fine arts and developing well-rounded students, even in the midst of FCAT (state testing). (PD)  They emphasize that the participation of the sudents in this type of activity supports perfomrance in academics as well as supporting the school vision. (LO) 2. Curriculum Director gives fine arts update: Reinforces vision for OCPS to be top producer of successful students in the nation. (PD)  Describes what she believes if a successful styudent and how the arts contributes to this goal. (LO) Identifies success stories / graduates of OCPS fine arts program. (PD) Discusses and gives examples of arts integration across disciplines. (PD)  This is especially powerful as she shows what integration is NOT...(LO) Provides examples of authentic assessments and student exhibitions. (PD) Students spoke about how arts integration helped them (TVJ) Relevant and engaging by embedding 21st Century skills in with arts integration(TJV) This speaker was very saavy, articulate and knowledgeable.  She was able to share her vision for the fine arts program and provided her listeners with a multi-modal way to access this information.  I was impressed by this presentation (LO)

Announcements and Reports

Influences Affecting Board Behavior, Discussions, and Decisions




As previously mentioned, the interactions of all OCPS stakeholders seem rooted in mutual respect and positive reinforcement. (PD)


Board Members and meeting participants seem to appropriately balance professionalism with humor, and display a genuine commitment to working together to achieve the OCPS vision. (PD)


Leadership Theories Displayed

Lewin and Regine on Relationships

Fullen references the work of Lewin and Regine (2000): An organization's success is tied to the presence of relationships in which individuals feel connected to the organization and understand its purpose. Successful leaders no longer focus only on structure and statistics; they focus on "people and relationships as essential to getting sustained results" (Fullen 53). In its March meeting, the OCPS School Board seems to demonstrate this emphasis on the importance of establishing relationships among all employees and stakeholders, including even those who are able to view the meeting on television or via the web. (PD) There is something to say for a very organized operation.  It allows to be able to run the meeting in a manner where everyone knows what to expect and can feel connected to the process. (TJV)

Kouzes and Posner on Relationships

Fullen also references the work of Kouzes and Posner (1998) regarding organizational relationships.  They identify seven essentials to developing relationships, including: personalizing recognition, celebrating together, and setting the example. As previously noted, in its March meeting, the OCPS School Board accomplishes this by recognizing a number of individuals and groups for their contributions to the District.  Individuals who are honored are provided with specific, public, and positive feedback. (PD) This board meeting obviously exemplifies all of these attributes.  It is a wonderful example of how positivity can lead to collaboration and motivation (LO).  

Evidence of Ethical and Unethical Behaviors


Ethical Behaviors Mutual Respect Among Staff, Faculty, Administration, Board Members - Interactions among all present at the meeting are grounded in respect.  The well-organized meeting gives those in attendance opportunities to speak and be heard.  (PD) Each member of the Board was given an opportunity to speak. All were very positive in the programs/initiatives in the district. The members in attendance were also given an opportunity to complete a form so they would be able to address the board. (PC)  I really liked the idea of having a "light" or button to push so that each board member had an opportunity to share their opinions (LO).   Positive Reinforcement - Throughout the meeting, individuals at all different levels of the organization (social workers, teachers, building leaders, district leaders, board members) are praised for their work.  The feedback is specific, relevant, and reinforces OCPS commitment to a central vision among all in attendance. (PD)   It appears that board members have received extensive training. One member was recognized with an award for her dedication and training program attended. (PC)  


Unethical Behaviors - None observed. (PD)