Deborah Phillips #0004663777 Live Nation

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Deborah Phillips #0004663777 Live Nation by Mind Map: Deborah Phillips #0004663777 Live Nation

1. Concerts

1.1. Global promotion of live music

1.1.1. Venues Owned Rented

1.1.2. Venue Operation & Management Accounting

1.1.3. Production of Individual Music Festivals Operations Booking Agent Logistics Accounting Third party companies Security Food Merchandising

2. Ticketing

2.1. Global ticketing Business Operations

2.1.1. Software for clients

2.1.2. Online access for customers Websites, telephone, mobile apps and ticket outlets

2.1.3. Upkeep of primary websites and

2.2. Clients

2.2.1. Services for arenas, stadiums, amphitheaters, music clubs, concert promoters, professional sports franchises and leagues, college sports teams, performing arts venues, museums and theaters

2.3. Resale Services & Accounting

2.3.1. TicketsNow (in the United States and Canada)

2.3.2. TicketExchange (in the United States, Europe and Canada)

2.3.3. GET ME IN! (in the United Kingdom)

3. Artist Nation

3.1. Management services to music artists

3.1.1. Shared Commission

3.1.2. Accounting

3.2. Merchandising

3.2.1. Online Ecommerce

3.2.2. Physical Retailers

3.2.3. Branding events for clients

4. Sponsorship & Advertising

4.1. Sales

4.2. Advertising

4.2.1. venue signage

4.2.2. promotional programs

4.2.3. on-site activation

4.2.4. hospitality and tickets

4.3. Customer Relations

4.4. Accounting

5. Corporate

5.1. Company Ofiicers

5.1.1. Gregory Maffei, Non-Executive Chairman of the Board

5.1.2. Michael Rapino, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

5.1.3. Kathy Willard- Chief Financial Officer Stocks & Shares Investors & Investor Relations

5.1.4. John Hopmans Executive Vice President - Mergers and Acquisitions and Strategic Finance

5.1.5. Michael Rowles General Counsel and Secretary