Why is rice causing problems?

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Why is rice causing problems? by Mind Map: Why is rice causing problems?

1. what is the problem

1.1. rise in rice price is causing mass food supply problems in the poorest countries.

1.2. civil unrest

2. India and rice

2.1. Was the biggest exporter of rice in the world.

2.2. Has ban exports of rice due to the rising demand in india.

3. Thailand and rice

3.1. Armed guards on farms to stop organised raid on the rice fields.

3.2. The only major exporter of rice in the world.

3.3. Make more than a million tonnes a week.

4. 1 in 2 people depend on rice (3.08)billion 20-30% of the uk money is spent on food80% of bangladesh money is spent on food

5. What is driving the price of rice up

5.1. global warming

5.2. running of land due to development and rising population.

5.3. the price oil has put maintenance costs up this increases rice price.

5.4. bad weather effects the average yield of many crops.

5.5. energy cost.

6. How much are prices rising (2008)

6.1. 52% in 1 month

6.2. in Bangladesh the price of their rice rose by one third in the first quarter of the year.