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Literacy by Mind Map: Literacy

1. Vocabulary

1.1. Content based

1.2. provide content understanding

1.3. scholarly conversations

1.4. Word Wall

1.4.1. Can be student created and led taking this idea and running with it for next year. students will design a word wall that is going to be the most beneficial to them not just something that looks good but that is going to help them remember the vocabulary!!!!!!!!!!

1.4.2. My goal as I go into my own classroom next year is to create a word wall and have student using words from all of their units towards the enf of the year

1.5. I always stress the student learn vocabulary not just for class but so that they can use it in their everyday lives

1.5.1. I am not oblivious to the fact students aren't going to use a word like amendment in their everyday speech. Although one can dream :)

1.6. Ideally I'd like to have some sort of vocabulary test or quiz every two weeks in class or something along those lines in order to reinforce vocabulary retention

1.7. I often fear that I won't stress the importance of vocabulary and holding students accountable to not just knowing the words but using them correctly.

2. Journals

2.1. ideas on paper

2.2. as an instructor being mindful is KEY!!!!!!

2.2.1. can give the instructor insight into what students are thinking

2.3. I like using journals in order to have students place themselves in the perspectives of others

2.3.1. having students write journals based on other figures can be difficult

2.4. Having students keep a particular type of journals gives teachers an idea of where students writing is at in terms of their strengths and weaknesses

2.4.1. A journal is something that i will definitely be using next year in order to gage where students grammar, writing, and level of thought expression is at to drive the year

2.5. I feel like a students writing can say a lot about them in terms of their effort and how they express themselves

2.6. The use of journals might be a tool for students that tend to be more quiet and to themselves

2.7. Free your mind (student mind)

3. Technology

3.1. content based scavenger hunts

3.2. Can be productive and counterproductive

3.2.1. student based research The use of computers frightens me in the classroom There is always a fear that students might not end up finding accurate information or might get distracted and misuse computers to do other things that are not related to the assignment

3.2.2. if i'm being honest i am not to fond of it aside from research purposes or typing papers i feel that the use of computers is a gateway for distractions.

3.3. useful in history to encourage students to carry out their own research

3.4. When I think of technology my thought goes to using social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter as ideas to present ideas and i'm not to fond of that because the grammar used in these sources is not ideal!!!!!!!

4. Close Reading

4.1. push student thinking

4.1.1. I want students to push their thinking and perspective beyond their own opinions!!!! I want students to know that reading opens their mind to the world Exposure!!!!

4.2. engages student

4.2.1. it can engage students but only to a certain degree i feel that afterwards students might lose interest. this though inspires me to creat creative ways to push close reading

4.3. can be done when the information students are acquiring is KEY to a unit or topic.

4.3.1. I feel it can often be used maybe at the start of a unit in order to lay a strong foundation for the unit

4.4. If it were up to me I would love for students to always be reading in my class and not from textbooks!!!!!

4.4.1. Anti-textbooks!!!!!!!!!! I am always more open to the use of primary or secondary sources because they have a greater opportunity of providing students with none bias opinions I feel like that is a big issue with textbooks that they are written by white people and hence tend to shed a negative light on people of color