About Public Service Announcements

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About Public Service Announcements by Mind Map: About Public Service Announcements

1. What's the message? What do they want you to do?

1.1. What did they show and tell to get this message to you?

2. What is the tone? How do they want you to feel?

2.1. How did they use shots, images titles and sounds did they use to make you feel this way?

3. What made this a good PSA?

4. What is a PSA?

4.1. Notes

4.1.1. Commercials persuade to buy something; PSA persuades you to do something a) to help people, b) to do stuff to be safe; to help animals; to help people who can't help themselves with videos. "Other people have to be their voice"

4.1.2. A Public Service Announcement

4.1.3. To persuade people to do something.

4.1.4. Something that helps people who don't have access to things get things.

4.1.5. People who can't speak for themselves: Homeless people Endangered Animals (Tribal) people who don't have electronics People who can't speak People afraid to speak for themselves

4.1.6. Ideas to make you more aware of a) problem, b) or something important to do, c) or something that could make you a better person.

4.2. Definitions

4.2.1. Usually 30 seconds to 1 min

4.2.2. Like a commercial but instead of selling something, it's sharing helpful ideas, knowledge or information with the public.

5. Making your PSA

5.1. What's the problem you want to solve?

5.2. What do you want people to do or understand?

5.3. Who is your audience?

5.4. What tone would help that audience to get your point?

6. Watch PSA Examples

7. Who is the audience?

7.1. age group

7.2. location

7.3. multiple groups of people?

8. Who made the message?

8.1. Author