The UW-BSC Library plays a dynamic role on campus to provide information resources, educational s...

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The UW-BSC Library plays a dynamic role on campus to provide information resources, educational support and lifelong learning opportunies to empower the campus community to reach their potential and expand their horizons. by Mind Map: The UW-BSC Library plays a dynamic role on campus to provide information resources, educational support and lifelong learning opportunies to empower the campus community to reach their potential and expand their horizons.

1. Ability to provide access to physical resources

1.1. Budget allocation to provide this service?

1.2. Cameras

1.3. Audio Recorders

1.4. Flip Cameras

1.5. Other items not yet used like clickers etc

2. Reaches Beyond Traditional Roles

2.1. How do we know what will increase our value?

2.1.1. Surveys

2.1.2. Talk!

2.1.3. Working/Being Involved - gives us ideas from others

2.1.4. Piloting and evaluating new ideas

3. Provides Traditional Library Services in a dynamic way

3.1. Redesign E-Reserves to work with campus logins

3.1.1. Promote benefits of this service to faculty

3.1.2. Library handles Copyright Compliance

3.1.3. Easy for faculty to use - takes work away from them.

3.1.4. Goal to have this system ready by the the beginning of Spring semester 2013

3.1.5. Expand E-Reserves for all UW Colleges Libraries by Fall 2013

3.2. Library as PHYSICAL place

3.2.1. Better computers

3.2.2. Welcoming environment Customer Service Ensure coverage at front desk Physical Environment

3.2.3. Enhance Group Space

3.2.4. Improve the computer lab Better computers Re-do the walls to look more professional Remove LP Collection to provide more space - Goal by end of summer 2014

3.2.5. Laptop Friendly Build laptop replacement plan by partnering with SGA

3.2.6. Work with physical plant to identify building issues and improvements

3.2.7. Library as a GREEN leader for all of campus Rain Barrels for example

3.3. Be where the users are

3.3.1. Use social media

3.3.2. Design for the mobile user

3.3.3. Reference Chat and remote assistance

3.4. Collections

3.4.1. Shared collections Collaborate with Public Library to ensure coverage. Offer a 'shared librarian' program with the Sauk County public libraries

3.4.2. Build collections in various formats. Keep current and relevant.

4. Campus Prides itself on its Library and Library Services

4.1. The qualities that will define the library and its staff are:

4.1.1. Approachable and firendly

4.1.2. Professional yet accessible. Comfortable to work with.

4.1.3. Flexible, knowledgeable and continually developing

4.1.4. Engaged in campus life

4.1.5. Continually improving skills in service and information access and delivery.

4.2. Demonstrated through the actions of the library staff through customer service, program development, innovative services and integration with the campus community.

5. Assessment of initiatives once they are in place

5.1. Be sure to implement consistent feedback mechanisms

5.1.1. faculty/student/staff surveys - every semester? Once per year?

5.2. Are the programs and actions sustainable?

5.2.1. Staffing

5.2.2. Budgetary?

5.2.3. Is it an opportunity for us to BUILD resources?

6. End Users

6.1. Role of the Library as educators

6.1.1. Information Literacy Integrated into classes Osmosis through the faculty Develop LEC 102 Class?

6.1.2. Lifelong Learning Outreach Programming Poetry Series Documentary Film Series Scholar Series Book Discussions Develop and support one's passion for learning This is difficult - is it worth it? Alumni Connect with the Community in other ways Continuing Education

7. How do we Get the Word Out?

7.1. Newspaper Articles

7.2. Events Lists

7.2.1. Portal Wisconsin

7.2.2. Newspapers

7.3. Work closely with Campus UR

7.4. Facebook

7.5. Press Releases

7.6. Publications such as CE brochure

7.7. Posters

7.7.1. Events Posters

7.7.2. READ Posters

7.8. Web Pages

7.9. Work on Branding!

7.9.1. Library Logo

7.9.2. Tagline

7.9.3. We have support from UR

7.10. Think Tank

7.11. Computer Screen Savers

7.12. Campus Electronic Bulletin Board

8. Relevancy Opportunities

8.1. Alumni

8.1.1. Library Services to Offer?

8.1.2. Archives - photos etc...

8.1.3. ID Card for Alumni? Benefits? Could also be used for Student Services Ties alumni more to the campus Could we tie it in to alumni access to databases? Challenges

8.2. Copyright on campus

8.2.1. Classroom Provide information for coursepacks - implications and leadership on how to do it

8.2.2. Library Services Policies already established - just need to clarify and disseminate

8.2.3. D2L

8.2.4. Not being the copyright 'police' but being the go to place for information and dissemination

8.2.5. Inform faculty/staff about copyright and what is ethical and how to work with the concepts Liability for campus model/example for students

8.2.6. Role of education directly for students - workshops?

8.3. BAAS

8.4. Instructional Technology

8.4.1. Support for faculty and students Currently are the de-facto support resource Someone needs to be looking out for new instructional technologies - we already do some of this - why can't it be us? Working with faculty to understand their current needs for instructional technology - try to meet that Provide NEW services Pilot and assess as new opportunities arise EMPOWER Faculty Staff and Students Match faculty with appropriate technologies How do you do this?

8.4.2. Course Casting and LCPs Take a leadership role on campus and the colleges to ensure success Work with WSH staff - to continue to improve program Work with Pat Fellows - make it a more formal relationship Improve faculty/staff/student awareness of these programs Work on branding for CourseCasting Encourage more participation amongst faculty/staff - track this usage

8.4.3. Can Instructional Design somehow be incorporated? Set up some partnership/role for Noah to be involved for this component? Service Learning

8.4.4. Explore Alternative Delivery Options Adobe Connect Live Meeting

8.5. Open Access Champions

8.6. Continually look for Gaps in service on campus

8.6.1. Bookstore Rental Soft Goods

9. Be aware of our Consituencies and make sure our efforts are geared to them

9.1. Students

9.2. Faculty/Staff

9.3. Community

9.3.1. Public Library Users

9.3.2. K-12 students, staff and administration

9.3.3. Traditional Community Users

9.4. UW Colleges

9.5. UW System

9.6. Alumni

10. Develop and expand on partnerships

10.1. Public Library

10.1.1. Baraboo

10.1.2. Sauk City

10.1.3. Reedsburg

10.1.4. Prairie Du Sac

10.1.5. Dells

10.1.6. Portage

10.1.7. Rock Springs and other smaller ones

10.2. Tech College?

10.3. Other UW Colleges

10.4. 4 year campuses

10.4.1. Especially UW-LAX for the BAAS

10.5. Civic Groups

10.6. Campus Committees/Organizations

10.7. Alumni

10.8. SGA

10.9. Campus Academic Departments

10.9.1. Offering Customizes Library Instruction

10.9.2. Customized collection development

10.9.3. Instructional technology integration CourseCasting Library Course Pages SpiritBlogs Sharepoint Audio/Video Media recording and editing BYOD support Emerging Technologies

10.10. Campus administrative Departments

10.10.1. Collaborate and offer programs in conjuction with continuing education.

10.10.2. Maintain excellent communitation with the business department to ensure financial stability

10.10.3. Help Student Services to promote campus to potential students.