Andrew Clark: The Jock

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Andrew Clark: The Jock by Mind Map: Andrew Clark: The Jock

1. The Jocks father uses a authoritarian parenting style. He demanding of Andrew to be the best wrestler and the best at everything. In the movie Andrew says "He's like this...he's like this mindless machine that I can't even relate to anymore..."Andrew, you've got to be number one! I won't tolerate any losers in this family...Your intensity is for s...! Win. Win! WIN!!!" His father fails to recognize the needs and perspectives of Andrew on how he wants to live his life and for that Andrew resents him.

2. Psychoanalytic Perspective

2.1. Structure of Personality

2.1.1. Superego- A voice of conscience that focuses on how we ought to behave; sets unrealistic high standards. The Jock has overpowering Superego. Andrew lets society control him, by letting his Father and coach make every decision for him, well his suppresses his Id, with all the things he find pleasure, which he cannot go after unless its socially acceptable.

3. Social-Emotional Development

3.1. Marcia's Identity-Status Model

3.1.1. Foreclosure- An identity status in which a person has committed to an identity; is closed minded; and accepts and endorses parental choices and values. Throughout the movie, the Jock's identity status is in a constant state of foreclosure. He has committed his whole life to wrestling because it follows the values of his dad and coach. This leads the Jock to be closed minded and committed to wrestling and only wrestling. He has not explored what is out there in world that he might want to do.

3.2. Baumrind's Parenting Styles

3.2.1. Authoritarian- Parents who impose rules and expect obedience. Many rules and demands with few explanations and little sensitivity to child's needs and perspectives.

4. Humanistic Perspective

4.1. Conditional Positive Regard-love, affection, and respect that is given only when the person is doing what the providers of positive regard wishes. Have to act in acceptable ways, and have to live up to others standards.

4.1.1. The Jock or Andrew receives only conditional positive regard from his authoritative figures in his life, like his coach and especially his Father. His Father and Coach only support him when he wins and live up to their standards of him in wrestling. Also his father wants him to be like him and experience the same things that he had experienced in high school, but when he gets the detention he get chewed out by his father because his father didn't wish for him to get in trouble. Andrew only receives support from his coach and father when he does what they want, therefore he does everything they do and feels like a race horse.

5. Social-Cognitive Perspective

5.1. External Locus of Control- The belief that events in one’s life, whether good or bad, are caused by uncontrollable factors such as the environment, other people, or a higher power.

5.1.1. Throughout the movie, we see how Andrew Clark, or the Jock, believes that his life is guided not by his own control, but rather uncontrollable events. This can be seen in the scene when he wishes his wrestling career would end, "You know, sometimes, I wish my knee would give...and I wouldn't be able to wrestle anymore. And he could forget all about me." The Jock believes that events like this control his life, rather than his own decision making, which means that he has an external locus of control.

6. Operant Conditioning

6.1. Positive Reinforcement- Adding a good or desired stimulus that strengthens or encourages a behavior in the future.

6.1.1. The Jock's wrestling career has been filled with positive reinforcement. His success in wrestling has been rewarded with praise and rewards that encourage his future training and performance, which leads to more success. The addition of praise led to the increase in behavior of winning.

7. Type A Personality-individuals who are competitive and self-critical, experience a constant sense of urgency, and tend to be easily aroused to anger or hostility.

7.1. Andrew or the Jock has a type A personality. He easily gets aggressive with the criminal and is very self-absorbent. He has an urgency to get out of detention. He is very critical of himself and his actions, doesn't want to disappoint anyone. He is also very competitive in athletics.

8. Conformity

8.1. Normative Social Influence-Changes in attitudes and behaviors to fit with the group because of the desire to belong.

8.1.1. During the movie, Andrew initially resists smoking pot because it conflicts with his high achieving and winning attitude. He doesn't want anything to conflict with his training. However, through the power of the normative social influence, he succumbs to peer pressure and smokes pot to be accepted in the group. He changed his attitude and behavior about pot because of his desire to belong.