Personal Development

A map for personal development, based on research from various people

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Personal Development by Mind Map: Personal Development

1. Cultivate problem-solving and Innovation

2. Learn from trauma and addictions

2.1. Recognize broken containment

2.2. Acknowledge disrupted self-regulation

2.3. Identify locked response patterns

2.3.1. Flight

2.3.2. Freeze

2.3.3. Orient

2.3.4. Fight

2.4. Recognize developmental resonances

2.4.1. Previous traumas

2.4.2. Childhood development

2.5. Push back against adaptive coping

2.6. Develop mental health resilience

2.6.1. Be more present Practice mindfulness Cultivate gratitude

2.6.2. Lift depression Make social connections Be more active Cultivate good nutrition Sleep well

2.6.3. Reduce anxiety Learn containment skills Direct energy toward activity Learn to manage the internal dialog

2.6.4. Contain anger Develop self-awareness around themes of power and control Learn to be vulnerable Learn to apologize Redirect energy toward intimacy

2.7. Deal with addictions

2.7.1. Identify the developmental theme Escape Solace Departure Defiance Disguise

2.7.2. Find ways to complete the theme

2.7.3. Build new habits and resources

2.7.4. Embrace the wound and its healing

2.8. Heal trauma

2.8.1. Nurture a positive mindset

2.8.2. Train new response patterns Learn when to flee Learn to wait Learn vigilance Learn to fight

2.8.3. Build self-awareness Self-regulation Insight Gumption

2.8.4. Cultivate empathy

2.8.5. Contribute to communities

2.8.6. Seek mentorship

2.8.7. Find wisdom in the wound

3. Cultivate resilience

3.1. Start early

3.2. Start where you are

3.3. Practice self-regulation

3.4. Nurture a positive mindset

3.5. Practice hope and optimism

3.6. Cultivate relationships

3.7. Think strategically

3.8. Preserve the illusion of control

3.9. Prepare for the unforeseen

3.10. Stay busy and organized

3.11. Celebrate small wins

3.12. Gamify the situation

3.13. Cultivate anti-fragility

3.14. Chunk things down

3.15. Cultivate grit

3.16. Practice gratitude

3.17. Practice gestures of giving

3.18. Practice mindfulness

3.19. Get out in nature

3.20. Exercise

3.21. Meditate

3.22. Sleep (but not too much)

3.23. Practice a complex skill

3.24. Seek moments of humour and laughter

3.25. Cultivate human (or animal) touch

3.26. Practice simple presence

3.27. Fall down seven times; stand up eight times

3.28. Cultivate happiness

3.28.1. Look forward

3.28.2. Infuse positivity

3.28.3. Exercise

3.28.4. Meditate

3.28.5. Invest in meaningful experiences

3.28.6. Exercise a signature strength

3.28.7. Capitalize on possibility

3.28.8. Build upward momentum

3.28.9. Use crisis as a catalyst

3.28.10. Limit your focus (the Zorro circle)

3.28.11. Minimize barriers (the 20 second rule)

3.28.12. Invest in social support

3.29. Jounce

3.29.1. Change direction Embrace the journey Commit to the effort Foster your convictions Craft a destination Know your starting point

3.29.2. Build resilience Develop presence Assemble a set of tools Cultivate relationships Hone your focus Harvest the benefits

4. Embrace the path of knowledge

4.1. Commit to mastery

4.2. Adopt multiple perspectives

4.3. Balance interdisciplinarity and coherence

4.4. Embrace complexity and uncertainty

4.5. Master the technology

5. Work with others

5.1. Emphasize collaboration and leadership

5.2. Find and offer mentorship

5.2.1. Be a mentor

5.2.2. Be open to mentorship

5.3. Contribute to communities

5.4. Take personal responsibility

5.5. Make ethical decisions

5.6. Cultivate intercultural empathy

5.7. Protect relationships

5.7.1. Apply the No Asshole Rule Live by the rule Make it public in what you say and do Weave the rule into hiring and firing Be slow to brand people Apply the rule to customers and clients De-emphasize status and power differences Focus on conversations and interactions Teach people how to fight Recognize that assholes will hire other assholes Get rid of assholes fast Treat assholes as incompetent Recognize that power breeds nastiness Embrace the power-performance paradox Cultivate small moments of decency and empathy Model and teach constructive confrontation Adopt the one asshole rule Link big policies to small decencies

5.7.2. Curb asshole behavior Commit to what really matters Be present for people in small moments Acknowledge the need for some asshole behavior Help everyone play a role and take ownership Emphasize embarrassment and pride Recognize your inner asshole Avoid corrosion by "a few demeaning creeps" Change your mindset Hope for the best; expect the worst Develop indifference and emotional detachment Look for small wins Limit your exposure Build pockets of safety, support, and sanity Fight and win the right small battles Know when to jump

5.8. Craft narratives

5.8.1. Create social currency

5.8.2. Cultivate triggers

5.8.3. Find the emotion

5.8.4. Go public

5.8.5. Find the practical value

5.8.6. Tell a story

5.9. Scale up

5.9.1. Cut cognitive load

5.9.2. Go slow to scale faster (later) Spread the mindset Engage all the senses Link short-term realities to long-term dreams Accelerate accountability Fear the clusterfug Scale by addition as well as subtraction Scale down to scale faster

5.9.3. Deal with necessary complexity

5.9.4. Cultivate a sense of ownership

5.9.5. Use social bonds to spread the right mindset

5.9.6. Clear the way for excellence

5.9.7. Imagine you have already succeeded

5.10. Build organizations

5.10.1. Build the guiding team

5.10.2. Get the vision right

5.10.3. Communicate for buy-in

5.10.4. Empower action

5.10.5. Create short-term wins

5.10.6. Don't let up

5.10.7. Make change stick

5.11. Accelerate success

5.11.1. Shorten Hack the ladder Train with masters Get and give rapid feedback

5.11.2. Leverage Make a platform Ride the wave Make connections

5.11.3. Soar Build momentum Cultivate simplicity Implement 10x thinking

6. Work on yourself

6.1. Develop core values

6.1.1. Authenticity

6.1.2. Clarity

6.1.3. Compassion

6.1.4. Courage

6.1.5. Creativity

6.1.6. Curiosity

6.1.7. Empathy

6.1.8. Excellence

6.1.9. Fairness

6.1.10. Gratitude

6.1.11. Grit Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

6.1.12. Gumption

6.1.13. Honesty

6.1.14. Humour

6.1.15. Integrity

6.1.16. Joyfulness

6.1.17. Kindness

6.1.18. Leadership

6.1.19. Love

6.1.20. Mentorship

6.1.21. Persistence

6.1.22. Playfulness

6.1.23. Resilience

6.1.24. Self-awareness

6.1.25. Self-regulation

6.1.26. Service

6.1.27. Spirituality

6.1.28. Teamwork

6.1.29. Transparency

6.2. Build self-awareness

6.3. Orient toward a growth mindset

6.4. Cultivate creativity

6.4.1. Practice Open to the process Find the ground Follow the energy Engage the shadow Act within stillness Follow joy Trust the process Grapple with mystery

6.4.2. Build talent Find the sweet spot, then reach Share, steal, and be willing to be stupid Embrace repetition Cultivate grit Keep big goals secret

6.5. Practice perseverance

6.6. Build the skiils of self-assessment

6.6.1. Understand irrationality

6.7. Build the skills of self-reflection

6.8. Practice self-management

6.8.1. Collect

6.8.2. Process

6.8.3. Organize

6.8.4. Review

6.8.5. Do

6.9. Make good decisions

6.9.1. Widen you options Avoid a narrow frame Multitrack Find someone who has solved your problem

6.9.2. Reality-test your assumptions Consider the opposite Zoom out, zoom in Ooch

6.9.3. Attain distance Overcome short-term emotion Honor your core priorities

6.9.4. Prepare to be wrong Bookend the future Set a tripwire

6.9.5. Trust the process

6.10. Build motivation

6.10.1. Autonomy

6.10.2. Mastery

6.10.3. Purpose

6.11. Embrace core principles

6.11.1. Act from a values-based ethical framework

6.11.2. Be consistent, impeccable, and authentic

6.11.3. Deepen healthy relationships

6.11.4. Cultivate meaning and purpose

6.11.5. Integrate actions, principles, values, and character

6.11.6. Commit to ongoing development of self-awareness, empathy, and character

6.12. Develop a core identity

7. Embrace change

7.1. Direct the rider

7.1.1. Find the bright spots

7.1.2. Script the critical moves

7.1.3. Point to the destination

7.2. Motivate the elephant

7.2.1. Find the feeling

7.2.2. Shrink the change

7.2.3. Grow your people

7.3. Shape the path

7.3.1. Tweak the environment

7.3.2. Build habits

7.3.3. Rally the herd